Tiger Woods


Everyone has an opinion about Tiger Woods latest predicament
Claiming the fame instead of claiming the blame
Mistresses proud of destroying relationships
Realize this, the mass media has driven us to the brink of moral obscurity
When it comes to asserting certain opinions imagine the havoc wreaked on ones family
You desperate mofos and your faulty senses of entitlement
Stealing 15 minutes of fame yet couldn’t care less who they take down with them
I often wonder do their intentions ever make them feel uncomfortable
Lay down the law on those who lie as if their own mistakes make them less fallible
They preach that if you’re going to cheat then pick your mistresses more carefully
And it pains me to see it being said by those who claim to be so much better than he
Make worse a terrible situation which aims to dismantle a persons identity
As if the lesson they purport to teach doesn’t instinctly reak of a hypocrisy
And the truth you think you know is not in line with what they really think
More men would cheat if they could get away with meeting that other woman’s needs
And it depends on who you ask whether or not it’s human nature or selfishness
But it matters not in the grand scheme of things 
Media won’t stop until he fails successfully
Tiger cheated on his wife with multiple women over a period of time
What a truly sad affair to watch the world uncover lies
Yet instead of treading carefully you aid in the ruining of lives
Who are you to judge a man you’ll never know nor can define
From the Wife’s own mind a countless times she’s already thought of this:
“I wish he’d love and need me more because I am constantly needing him”
From the Husband comes a reply, which echoes a destructive loss of pride:
“I shouldn’t have gotten on this ride; tired of playing the monkey in the middle”
“I’m a man of questionable character with a sex life encompassing a riddle”
And the Mistress believes or not that he will eventually uproot his spot
And they all hurt and hearts all break whether the PUBLIC believes in it or not
Wife questions herself wondering what the other woman has
Cheater questions himself wondering why they both still love his ass
Mistress wonders why she bothers and does she truly receive his love
And why is she not number 1 steady putting up with his same old stuff
And on and on the kids and wife and all the never ending lies
And when they put themselves above, upright and question the man they loved
How does he choose between love and affection when all he desires is affection and love
He made mistakes
She made mistakes
They make mistakes per imperfection
Until his takes
On a life of its own
And he’s buried alive by media whores affection
Wishing they’d understand how he feels
Should he run, hide and face the tide or play let’s make a deal                                                  
With emotions to which he has no right to let go
That scarlet word adultery always cumming full circle
The first thing needed is defining the meaning
Even considering the deed is considering cheating
However the media wishes to paint the canvas he’s still a human being
His sins are his to bear and forgive……and only he can help himself pick up the pieces
When it’s all over and done with people will consider their hero beneath them
Collectively judging when we have no right without first judging ourselves and our own weaknesses
I’ll never forget what I learned as a kid and no matter what anyone says, who of us is without sin?



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