by John Drew


This movie has no redeeming features. Why? Because it sucks!!! First off, Julia Roberts is old and walks like a linebacker. I think she even had some of Dom DeLuises ass removed from her lips. As for the story, I am still trying to figure out who got screwed besides me. This movie takes us back 5 years to set the plot, then after getting us to the present takes us back 3 years and then back to the present etc, etc, etc. At the end, after it is over and we know everything we need to get up and go get a Latté it takes us back 3 weeks.


“I believe that the author thought that we had to be told why the movie was so bad.”


Now for the “what the fuck”. Why did I waste 125 minutes of my time watching two idiots trying to make love and or find love, when they were so inept? Please don’t think “Pretty Woman” she has done and don’t even think about “The Pelican Brief”,  this movie is destined to go to the DVD rack at the 7-11 for $9.99. Oh yeah, “some guy” named Clive Owen played the male lead Ray Koval. Leading man my ass! His character has no balls at all and he is totally lead around by his worthless pecker, which he losses in the final reel. Duplicity is double speak for double dud.

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One Response to “Duplicity”
  1. mspachy says:

    OK, cross that one off my list of things to see. But poor Julia. Men get older and more distinguished, women just get older…sigh. I guess she can start playing the old grandmother sitting in a rocker now.

    Love reading your Movie Reviews John Drew!

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