A Mini Review Of Avatar

avatar-movie-poster_353x529Avatar: A must see 3D movie. This movie is a compilation of innuendo and spirituality. The planet we are on during the movie is called Pandora, and the ore being mined is called Unobtanium. The scientist in charge of communicating with and understanding the natives is Grace Augustine.  

We start with Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) our hero, and then we pick up characters until we get to our heroine, Neytiri (Zoe Saldana) and this is when the movie really starts to take off. The premise is that we have found precious ore on a planet that we can neither breathe on or communicate with the natural inhabitants who we believe are sub-human. Sound familiar? The solution is the typical American Capitalist response, “if they won’t negotiate with us we will just have to move them off the land”. There is the anthropologist/scientist, Dr. Grace Augustine (Sigourney Weaver) who is trying to help the indigenous people. Through science and technology they find out that we can create AVATARS of ourselves and to enable us to walk on the planet and deal with the inhabitants. Jake’s twin brother is a biologist who has had an Avatar made for him, but he is killed in an automobile accident and Jake, being his twin, has the same genetics which allow him to morph with his brother’s Avatar. 

Jake is an ex-marine, if there is such a thing, who has lost the use of his legs. When Jake becomes the Avatar he can walk, run, jump and do everything he use to be able to do. So Jake is reborn and finds love on Pandora with one of the natives. Don’t forget the ore; the company must get the ore. There are millions of dollars to be made, which is the primary reason behind for why the ore must be mined. Jake is back in the lab every night giving a report on what he has found out about the Na’vi, the native people of Pandora. As Jake moves back and forth from human to Avatar he is becoming more in tune with the Na’vi and Neytiri, his love interest, and who wouldn’t. For a ten foot blue person, she is HOT. Sorry, I dig ten foot tall blue babes.  

The cinematography is fantastic and would be worth seeing even without the great story line that we are given. Take a chance and go to see this movie. Do not only see it, but feel it, most importantly. I highly recommend this movie, and to see it in 3D, you can’t ask for a better movie going experience than that.

John Drew




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  1. Della says:

    Now that I live in a town, I will go check out the movie. It sure looks good, Cameron was drawing sketches of the characters back in the 70s when he was a bus driver. Well, something like that, heard an interview on NPR.

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