She doesn’t say it aloud
Too concerned with portraying a fallen angel now
Until I bare my soul in rare moments of abundance
And convince her my poetry is more than dropping nouns
And see how she talks of her past loves
And the strength she’s gained from moving on
Soul well oiled and aged like leather scrolls
Believes she inherited her daddy’s heart of gold
Yet her love tempo always been on another pitch
Identical attraction to mine she’ll never admit
Similar are the frequencies
Frequenting our souls architects

But she said her father always knew best
That’s why his babydoll stayed filled with questions
To bring out answers she’d rotate head toward clouds
Until he’d beckon her home again and she’d come back down

We’d lay panting
Winding down to catch breaths
Just enough to adjust before finding actions again
I’d sense a rustling under the covers where we’d create night
Where chests heaved
Nestled closely 
Paralized by lovers high
Watching the motion of bosoms rising mid fall
When you know all there is to know about a woman
You feel at home with all her flaws
When she’s exposed bare and raw
Vulnerabilities find confidence
In between the fractures

Although she never liked dancing
She used to hold up more than just the walls at dances
Perhaps a halo and wings held her up instead

Old memories overstay their cold unwelcome
Needy for attention and mirrors to catch the fake reflections
Calling me handsome just to get paid for rent
The way her hand suddenly appears
Sliding fingers through head
Making me yield to her demands in all the right places
I crack with hope that she’ll read between my incantations
Stop forsaking faith
On what’s never been forsaken
Just to let the new piece get a piece
Of the cake that I been baking




One Response to “Cake”
  1. Phree says:

    *snaps* that was interesting and touching.
    .-= Phree´s last blog ..Love =-.

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