Real Talk Pt. 1

by mrafiz1

I’m not impressed with your relationship
Your myspace posing
Downelinking sexy composes
Exposing clicks in pictures
Caring not about who notices
I see through your resin augmentation
Plaster of paris created molds
Enhancing images created
My ex-mistress was a pro at this job
Explains my lack of interest in barbies
Save for Nicki Minaj
Mad props to any woman who keeps it fake without facades
I’m about as sick of it as any woman feeling discontent
When her relationship quits, except for in this instance
She moved on formed a new one yet still be talkin’ shit
It’s like verbal cleavage
Steady focus on what she’s saying
Just not hearing any of it
Busy reflecting on heaving chests
What initially crippled my perception
It’s an extreme I’d rather forget than not
Like memories of her on top
We’d play Cowboys and Indians
And she’d ride me freshly broken in
Couldn’t seem to get enough
Of this cowboy’s buck
Every orgasm echoed followed by multiple wimples
Following exclamations marked by tender loving subliminals
And the passion we satiated
You initiated and craved it
We rocked ship like lesbians 
Gone down over a 3 day weekend
Pheromones knocked me on my toes 
As did sweat mixed with Burberry cologne
Even attracted a couple of coupled up clones
From every corner and every sign
They knew the game well
They too fall prey to lies
Wishing they possessed more confidence in her eyes
Wanting to play the game
But avoiding matches that start fires 
Tired of feeling like the kid that’s picked last
Don’t care what team he’s on when the game begins
His place is set… and yours is wracked with memory
That idle on minds drifting through time exacting sympathies
Funny how you casually pry and think I won’t notice
Remember… you can’t snoop into mental notebooks
Don’t make that your thing
Hoping wishing and masking real life with dreams
So that “icebox where your heart used to be”
Stops torturing me
It makes quite the impression
Rising and falling with each breath
And with each discarded one
The colder the next gets
Harsh bitter jabs
And I accept each one of them
Right along with the last laugh
I knew it was bound to happen
And that picture of you
I carry around in my soul
Closes me off to the real you
When all about me seems cold
Exposing old leaks in my heart valves
In ways that leave me emotionally unavailable
Cause not a day goes by
Without knowing the truth is
You wish me miserable
But you deny and refute it
By saying “I’m sure you’re doing just wonderful, Knowledge, as usual”
Like my happiness is based on whether or not I wanna spite you




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