Real Talk Pt. II

by mfariz

See you still ain’t scratched that selfish itch

See you still ain’t stopped me from being a hopeless romantic

Ticked off cause my love gave you a number

I kept you idle for hours while away messages soothed your wonder

Told you I was no good for you

Yet you refused to let go

Figured those words would cause allergic reactions to take hold

But no,

It felt good to make excuses when moments of clarity would run deep

Although you still ain’t stopped ’em all from believing in me

And believe you me my lies cost me plenty

But in the end you hate me because you love me

Matters that complicate heartbreaks when aching

Your heart tries as it might to compromise

But drowning your love in another will never suffice

It’s like trying to turn a hoe into a housewife

Way too much of you was into me

When you knew first hand of my deceit

We goaded each other heavily

Combined earthly with heavenly

And while in forbidden states you exposed my love

And what you felt abandoned by you turned your back on

Every expression ever uttered between us

If only you would abandon that bad attitude love

All I wanted was to have a friend in you

And let’s be real about the fact that you wanted it too

You, so prolific at perfectly placed sentences

It was easier when we both felt the pain hidden within

When creative juices flowed freely through callused membranes

Creating sensations in the extremeties of my heart’s maze

Where cuts bruises and burns are always able to heal

‘Cause dead emotions only give zombie-like love until they kill

Baby girl, you are now officially official

Your heart’s sign is sealed

You’ve been officially issued

So when I say “you can’t continue to pretend perfection,

Toiling with studs emotions,

Thinking they won’t express them,

Just know this,

We’re imperfect and hearts often fill with emotion

At the moral of life’s stories – and it’s a fairly safe notion

When intent’s to take away the pain of an ex-mystery

Like Shakespeare citing sonnets of an impending defeat 

My apologies were received

Now I leave you with finis

’cause don’t nothin’ sound less forgiving

Than rehashing painful memories




2 Responses to “Real Talk Pt. II”
  1. Neeq says:

    Loves It!

  2. Jenna says:

    That was awesome!

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