Prop 8 Trial Reenactment

We are moving swiftly so that more Americans can see our government in action as it reviews this landmark case, said Ainsworth around one week after the start of the trial, which last Wednesday concluded witness testimonies    
                                                           – source ChristianPost

Two filmmakers from Los Angeles, John Ireland and John Ainsworth, have posted a series of videos on YouTube depicting the Prop 8 trial, which is currently in recess. They used first hand notes from bloggers and writers who witnessed the trial live to re-create the transcripts. They plan to record the entire court drama for availability to the general public via YouTube and their website There you will find actual attorney and witness photos including the actors who portrayed them. Full text of the transcript is available.

What makes the video broadcasts so significant is their contrast to a ruling brought down by the Supreme Court of the United States prior to the start of court proceedings. They ruled that the trial could not be streamed live to YouTube and other courtrooms throughout the country. What this meant was no video originating directly from the courtroom could be broadcast, which makes the availability of the reenactment videos all the more significant. The trial hasn’t received as much media coverage in other parts of the country as it has in California, however it is bound to go before the U.S. Supreme Court at some point and it’s impact will greatly effect gays and lesbians everywhere. It is the first trial in any U.S. federal court where the argument for same sex marriage is being heard.

Watch the first series of episodes below.
Many more will follow.

Day 1 Chapter 1

Day 1 Chapter 2

Day 1 Chapter 3

I greatly appreciate the efforts of everyone involved in re-creating the prop 8 trial.



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