25 Ways To Keep My Blog Alive

Write from the heart.
Be unique, original and think outside the box.
Don’t follow every new trend.
Proofread, critique and enhance my craft.
Get faster and better at responding to comments.
Read and process first, debate later. Rinse and repeat.
Continue to respect all comments and opinions.
Make the most out of my creativity.
Exhibit diligence when organizing my blog for optimal online searching.
Network, network, network and start building a firm outbound and inbound link(s) framework.
Link to other sites even if they don’t link back.
“Content is King” — Quality writing trumps a contentless multitude of posts.
Don’t set deadlines that cannot be met.
Develop a regular posting schedule.
Utilize my leather bound journal to jot down future post ideas.
Make sure every post is well thought out.
Don’t ignore important topics just because they’ve already been written about.
Keep my chaos more organized.
Skim all posts prior to publishing.
Promote my blog whenever possible.
Seek and welcome guest bloggers with topics of interest.
Enhance and maintain blog design. Fix any errors.
Interact more with my readers.
Learn from those who have done it longer ~ learn from the best.
Stay humble and hone my skills

image. The List by Thrife.




7 Responses to “25 Ways To Keep My Blog Alive”
  1. David Shankbone says:

    All good thoughts.

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  4. briabria says:

    first time visitor 🙂 love your words….think i'll subscribe;)

    see you on twitter
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  5. Cloud Bright says:

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