Times Waits For Love

Miles of roadway overlapped every flutter
All my thoughts centered on making the journey
Miles of roadway separated beating hearts
Trying to pry apart what both had given –  not taken 
Those unspoken words still owned our thoughts
Those we thought were better left unstated
Didn’t want to profess anything for naught
Despite faux protests ringing loudly in my ears
Those three words you had been waiting to hear
Lack of responsibility claimed meant I hadn’t faced my fears
And your heart wasn’t looking for a boat ride atop tears
But you never once doubted my loving side
No comparison to the adrenaline rush I provided
You felt it everytime I took love on a test ride
I tipped the velvet just right 
And with it came no protesting
Reactions so strong I caused leg trembles whilst professing
Sweet nothings that meant something and everything between two
My undying love
Fuels the force of nature I feel for you
And If I knew any better, girl 
I would have been told you, I love you



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