Love Is Imperfect Perfection

Love Runs ThroughMy love runs through
Broken hearts and altered souls
Exalted love was made impure
While walking paths that no bound knows
Whispering nothings sweet and minced
Empty proclamation’s dispensed
Yet still hearts deeply embedded within 
Permanently encased within a permanence
A familiar feeling I became acquainted with
So while lust and desire took a hold our gift
You held on to promises made
Without pretense


We endured the pain of turning black our past
And began anew with a surreptitious glance
We conjured replies
Monitored screens of text  
When our thoughts found a room
There they privately danced 
Eyes seductively engaged
In a tug of war stance
When minds were made up
Love didn’t stand a chance


We searched for a way
To make sense of us 
When love felt threatened
We hid behind lust
It carried and sustained us 
‘Til once again we became
Devoted and loving in unimaginable ways
Our committments manifested 
Through unsullied slates
It was the only truth we could believe in
‘Til hope gave way to change
Gave your heart a million reasons
To keep calling out my name
It felt the same as when I spotted you
Wandering aimlessly in my world
A hidden gemstone so beautiful
Shining through a broken soul
Unveiled in all the disorder
Breaking down walls built of gold


Now I hold my head high
No fears in sight of displeasing
You remain the only one
The sweetest of all serendipity
Your emotions stir me on
Fierce yet playful do they bait me
So I embrace each and every one
Overpowering any descrepancies
Pent up love being just one 
Reveling in your love’s constant unraveling


You hold the essence of unconditional
The heart of the woman
I sought fruition though
You waited for love most faithfully
And love in a way that does not speak
Or ask for much beneath the surface cause
It’s not the sort that leaves either of us
Unstable for months
Based on investments in distrust
Cause unlike some I will only blame one
For the sadness that happened
To make us come undone
But we’re stronger now
For planting new seeds and witnessing
Our love take new root
Cause we been rooted since the beginning
It’s the continuation of an abundant continuing
A love that exudes of concupiscence and feelings of
Your soul being my mate 
These feelings affect me profoundly
Make me crave all you crave
The pull of your passion astounds me
Makes all vulnerabilities escape 
In such a way that I don’t question
The impact left in the wake
Of loves imperfect perfection




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  1. MyInnerMonologueRevealed says:

    I love this. Wonderful post.

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