Thoughts In Constant Motion

Sam D cta chicago blue line

photo: Sam D.

They come and go
Like a night time revival
Only it’s morning and
We’re thick as thieves
As we come together
Ready for rigmarole’s ritual
Fluttering about like tepid feathers
Rigid thoughts centered on
Not stepping on toes
Or missing the next run
Experiencing the ruminations of others
Lives daft with woe
And fraught with wonder
As this journey takes hold
It highlights my day
Saw a woman sneaking onto the bus the back way
Words don’t come easy but inspiration does
Surfaces all around
Since my journey’s mostly made up
Of time that I bide
’till the end of the line comes
Late as usual
Apathetic to following rules cause
I aim to balance out my bad attitude
And I’m relentless
In proving whatever needed to be proved
There are days when I can’t stop them
They move in mass
like Catholic children
in Sunday school best
walking briskly through the tunnel
That ends as fast as it begins
And we stand strong in the train cars
We’re all stuck in
Stuffed like turkeys but breathing as wild as chickens
anxious and proud as we’re destined for our destinations
lurking behind support bars with pockets safely tucked in
else they suffer the same fate as pick pocket victims
It’s too cold to sweat it but plenty of time to plan ahead
My journey moves me
Like walking in snow and fighting wind
Carving foot prints one by one
Cause hindsight’s already set in
Cherishing every deep breath
Glasses fogging up quick
Obstructing my field of vision
But not nearly all of it…
Inspiration fills me up and
Music rocks me forthwith
Ear drums no longer celibate
“Watch for ice” – “And don’t slip!”
I yearn to arrive at the doorstep
So I can get down to business



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