Rep. Trent Franks Asserts Blacks Better Off Under Slavery

FRANKS: In this country, we had slavery for God knows how long.  And now we look back on it and we say “How brave were they? What was the matter with them?  You know, I can’t believe, you know, four million slaves.  This is incredible.”  And we’re right, we’re right. We should look back on that with criticism.  It is a crushing mark on America’s soul.  And yet today, half of all black children are aborted.  Half of all black children are aborted.  Far more of the African American community is being devastated by the policies of today than were being devastated by the policies of slavery.  And I think, What does it take to get us to wake up?

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My Reaction To Trent Franks Statements

Is it open season on black women and someone just forgot to let a “sister” know? Historically young, black, male rappers and hip-hop artists declared open season on black women years ago. They have been richly rewarded for their contribution to the denigration of black women ever since. It’s gotten so bad that young black girls feel as though they can not rely on black men to tell them they are beautiful, wanted and protected. We have cats like John Mayer saying out loud how his penis truly feels about black women, in particular. His reproductive organ is like the Klu Klux Klan when it comes to sexually attracting the black woman. There’s nothing wrong with having a preference, but there is something wrong with equating it to a racist, terrorist organization that preyed on and killed innocent people for generations just because the color of their skin was different. Now we have a congressmen trying his hardest to be racially divisive while discussing a controversial issue that affects women of all races. Let it be known just what kind of idiot we’re dealing with here. Here’s an example of one of his prior initiativesas a government representative.

The ironic part about this is I was one of the few Members of Congress that was willing, if I could come up with a way to prove that Barack Obama was not born in this country, I was willing to go into a lawsuit. I don’t know of any other Member of Congress who was willing to do that, because I wanted to make sure that we were protecting both the Constitution and, quite frankly, I was terrified of this guy.

We’re dealing with an original “birther”, and one who rejected the legitimacy of President Barack Obama’s citizenship and his eligibility to become President, prior to the election.

This leads me to the primary purpose of this curse filled rant. What in the hell does abortion have to do with slavery anyway? More specifically, a woman can choose to have an abortion, but what woman in her right mind would choose the institution of slavery if given the choice? Do African-Americans have more abortions? The short answer is yes. The long answer is that both Hispanic and black women obtain abortions at rates three to five times higher, respectively, than non-Hispanic and white women. Although abortion rates have fallen off over the last few years, a great disparity still exists and there are many reasons to explain the disparity. I’ll provide two for now and many more all throught the remainder of this post.

  • Lack of access to contraceptives and birth control
  • Very restrictive sex education being taught in American schools

What’s most striking  is how pro-lifers and anti-abortionists don’t try all that hard to make the argument as to why black women and their unplanned babies would be better served while working and living under forced servitude. Their argument against abortion is fielded strictly to imply that abortion is bad and its access must be restricted, especially to black women because all they do is “murder murder murder, kill kill kill” these poor little black zygotes. They systematically ignore the reasons why women turn to abortion instead of considering alternatives. High rates of poverty, discrimination in employment and housing, disparities in health care, preventative health care and access to quality health care are just a few of the problems not addressed.

Is it the anti-abortion movements intent to maintain the unequal conditions their ancestors successfully implemented back in the slavery days where there existed no such thing as choice or free will for women, of any color?
While I’m on the subject of women let me state for the sake of stating shit that Abortion is a Woman’s Issue. Period. Until this is realized, rabid conservatives like Trent Franks will continue to polarize the issue and make it “The Black Woman’s Holocaust” in an attempt to draw cheers and support from ignorant whites, blacks and angst filled pro-lifers with their single-minded agenda.

What pisses me off are the tactics employed. The anti-abortion/pro-life/white Conservative majority’s manipulation with regard to the black community and the vilification of planned parenthood’s 21st century focus on birth control, contraception and sex education. Some unfair criticisms used to depict black women as the biggest profiteers of  public aid and welfare assistance are now being used in the abortion debate.  But, which is it? Black women and their gang of children are either on welfare, sucking up tax dollars while breaking the government piggy bank or we are having so many abortions and killing so many of our unborn that the government needs to exact complete control over our reproductive rights for our own sake.

Trent Franks wants me to believe that he knows my body and the life I lead better than I do. Black women may as well do Mr. Franks a favor and surrender ourselves to the nearest plantation to begin working the fields immediately. Not only would welfare suddenly disappear, but the abortion rate would be cut in half. Come to think of it, it would be perfect timing to begin the crusade against white women having abortions. For one, they’ll need plenty of new slave masters to oversee the new crop of black babies born into slavery.

But, seriously, how does Trent Franks know so little, yet talk so much? Why doesn’t he understand basic cause and effect?

  • Lack of affordable daycare
  •  lack of information about emergency contraception
  •  lack of self esteem which equates to fewer girls posessing the confidence to say no when a boy asks for sex
  •  lack of EQUAL PAY in the workplace. Women STILL make 70 cents for every dollar a man earns.

These scanarios not only put pressure on black women to do what they believe is in their best interest when unplanned pregnancies occur, but it boxes them in and exposes them to additional scrutiny. Abortions already carried with it a stigma of shame and sometimes regret, but its effects are two fold for black women who are criticized for having too many babies and then criticized again for having too many abortions. Which is it? Oh, I know what it is. Black women cannot win for losing.

The Trent Franks of the world help create and maintain social inequality then they turn around and put themselves in a position to morally lecture and judge the very people suffering the ramifications of their own injustices, administered over a time period of hundreds of years.

What we have here is a mostly white (not for long, I fear) anti-abortion movement that is attempting to infiltrate the black community and incite black conservatives, with their heads up their asses, to do everything in their power to exaggerate and disparage black women under the pretense that they really give a fuck about their quality of life. But what’s most obvious is the fact that they only care when it comes to the unborn. They want to make black women the poster child for abortion to fuel the conservative rights attempt to make ban abortion.

The unfair vilification of black women who have had abortions should be considered an insult to all women, everywhere.

These are the same political fuck nuts that don’t want to provide a public option (what’s the point of reform without one), adequate health care, job training, education or any social program they feel unworthy, to minorities because it  dips into their taxes. Corporate welfare is quite alright, but private, individual welfare is simply unacceptable. They’re concerned with women having abortions, but not why they’re having them, or what steps to take to ensure the women who do not have them are receiving all the assistance they need. They’re the kind of politicians that want to cut program funding on one end and shout to the heavens how much they care about the person and the fetus on the other hand. Oddly enough, they care more about fetuses than they do actual human beings. 

I hope this Conservative strategy to get blacks to come out strongly against abortion by promoting it as a way for white feminists and liberals to exterminate the black race FAILS, and miserably so. This entire strategy reeks of fear, institutionalized racism and open divisiveness and I’m afraid that it will work in some respects. I’ve even known black women who seriously claim to be pro-life sneak off to the clinic to take care of an unexpected situation. It happens, but across cultures and not resigned to any single race. 

Anti-Abortion measures are as much a form of BIRTH CONTROL as women who use abortion as a method of BIRTH CONTROL. They are both abusive practices that harm rather than help. There has to be a way to curtail abuse of abortion that does not penalize all women and restrict them from having a choice, as long as it falls within the law.  I am a proponent of abortion reform, but I am a firm believer and supporter in a woman’s right to choose. I am not willing to give up that right just because I would never personally have an abortion.

The truth is that black women have a disproportionate number of abortions, but white women have HALF of ALL abortions. If you want to address an issue that crosses cultures yet attack only one demographic, you’ve got another thing coming.

“Far more of the African American community is being devastated by the policies of today than were being devastated by the policies of slavery.”

What exactly is Mr. Frank trying to say here? According to the Census of 1860, there were around 4 million slaves, which is a far cry above the number of abortions performed every year by black women.

I would love to know where he got the idea that far more Blacks are devastated by today’s policies than were being devastated by the policies of slavery. What a proverbial slap in the face.

There are those who will say that there is credence to Franks’ comments. In fact, Day Gardner, the president of the National Black Pro-Life Union, agrees with him.

“Face it America, he’s right. Abortion has exacted a greater toll on blacks than slavery,” she told

“Our country brutally enslaved four million people, denying them their rights, their freedom and many times their lives. Rep. Franks is simply comparing that horrific truth to another horrific truth — which is that abortion has killed more than 17 million black people,” Gardner said.

“Slavery is a terrible stain on the fabric of America that can never be fully washed away,” the black pro-life leader continued. “The stain of abortion is every bit as terrible and even more atrocious than slavery in light of the fact that the victims of abortion are totally helpless–they are unable to run away, unable hide or defend themselves.”

Gardner calls the “devastation of abortion in the black community” a “hard truth” and she says “Franks and other members of Congress stand with us to right this terrible wrong.”

She urged more of her black brothers and sisters “to speak up and stand up to those who would have us believe the lie–that poor, under privileged black children are expendable and worthless.”

Gardner also went further than Franks and said the pro-life movement within the African-American community is ” the underground railroad of our time and Congressman Trent Franks should be revered as a great modern day abolitionist.”

She says that black abortions are worse than the atrocities of slavery because unborn babies are unable to defend themselves. She proceeds to speak about the devastation of abortion while not daring to speak about the devastation of the black community in general which has resulted in more babies born of our wedlock and right into a life of poverty and under privilege. Her stupidity is further exacerbated by the Conservative ideology that favors the unborn baby more than mother who is thought of only as a womb or carrier. She further highlights something I’ve never once heard a liberal say, but I have heard it on enough blogs and forums to know that it is a lie. Underprivileged black children are NOT worthless and expendable, but you wouldn’t know that with the way the justice system hands out ridiculously extensive punishments to black men and women at much higher and stiffer rates than their white counterparts who commit the same crime.

If these mostly pro-life conservatives truly believe that black children born into a life of poverty deserve better, why do they vote against expanding funding for public education and higher education endeavors? Why do they vote against granting health insurance to children with families who cannot afford it? Why aren’t they be just as visceral about every disadvantaged black child going to school in a safe neighborhood, or having an updated textbook that he can call his own?  She does the same thing Rep. Franks tried to narrowly avoid doing; she does nothing to discount or correct the false statistic he stated, but goes on to further the anti-abortion/pro-life cause by stating that it is worse than anything the evils of slavery produced, and she supports making it into a racial issue by doing nothing in the way of speaking about abortions performed by non-black women.

Day Gardner is quite possibly Trent Franks reincarnated as a stupid black woman. 

Half of all black babies are NOT aborted. Not even half of all abortions are performed on black women. Half of all abortions are performed on white women, and 32% are attributed to black women, which I admit is still a fairly big number.

There is no fairness in health care.

What they don’t want to tell black people is that when it comes to preventative medical treatment and quality health care and insurance, white men are King. To add, anti-abortion activists proudly fight against public funding for birth control, sex education, and access to contraceptives. They don’t just want to take away a woman’s right to choose, they want to prevent her from having access to safe, affordable, birth control when she needs it. What they don’t want to tell the black community is that insurance companies covered Viagra, which is used to treat erectile dysfunction and where reproduction is supposedly the end goal. But the argument that birth control and contraception are not medical conditions, but instead a choice, was a widely accepted view for years. As few as 10 years ago, most insurance companies did not cover birth control or contraception even though most couples need it during the natural course of their relationship.  There are still some insurance companies that do not cover birth control or contraceptive measures. Here’s what Bill O’Reilly had to say.

“Viagra is used to help a medical condition — that’s why it’s covered. Birth control is not a medical condition, it is a choice. Why should I or anybody else have to pay for other people’s choices?”

Apparently, numb nuts, I mean limpus dickus, I mean Bill O’Rielly was unaware that having sex is also a choice.

Pro-lifers and anti-abortion extremists wouldn’t like being compared to the Taliban, now would they? Forcing women to wear a burka of stigma and shame for having an abortion, and desiring them to give up all decision making powers with regard to their body and its reproductive process. But it’s not slavery, it’s morality, right?

Trent Franks can continue to claim that black women account for half of all abortions, but he’d still be lying. He can compare abortion to the evils of slavery and white slave masters mistreatment of black men and women for hundreds of years, but he’d also need to ask himself just how how in the fuck he would know which was better or worse, given his privilege, given the color of his skin, and the fact that it may have been better for HIM, but would Ms. Day rather be alive then or now? I seriously wonder. 

I don’t know what black people, if any, he has ever talked to. The blame and responsibility of devastating the black community he has placed squarely on the shoulders of black women. Even while reading his comments in context I’m lead to believe that he’s ignorantly comparing the rate of black abortions during slavery to the rate of black abortions today, but I know he’s not. He’s trying to say that the black community is more devastated by the government policies legalizing abortion than by government policies that backed and legalized slavery. 

What Trent Franks is trying to have black people believe is that slavery was just a bad job with no pay.

It would be different if Rep. Franks and Co. had ever demonstrated any measure of care and concern about the racial disparities in this country without also blaming those disparities and injustices on those most negatively affected by them, i.e., black women.

On the other hand, when your biggest accomplishment “fighting racism” consists of introducing legislation to prohibit abortions for gender and race reasons then there is absolutely nothing you can say to dismiss what appears to be race baiting to further an extremist cause. This is the same congressman that voted NO on expanding the Children’s Health Insurance Program in January of 2009, and he voted NO on adding 2 to 4 million children to SCHIP eligibility, which is a program designed to cover uninsured children in families where income levels are too high to quality for medicaid, but too low to obtain affordable health insurance for their children.  This is the same congressman who voted No on increasing the minimum wage back in 2007. He’s anti-affirmative-action, and voted NO on $84 million in grants for Black and Hispanic colleges. He’s strongly opposed to a separation of church and state, and he voted NO on prohibiting job discrimination based on sexual orientation. Why am I not surprised that he is against measures to help bring about social equality, but he’s for measures to increase the economic disparity among the classes, while using the race card to highlight what he considers to be worse than slavery; black women having the right to an abortion.

Basically, Trent Franks is staunchly against a woman’s right to choose, but he strongly favors her right and the right of her child to live in poverty. He believes in the right to life, but if that child turns out gay or bisexual he doesn’t want them to have any rights that threaten his own or his views of the “traditional family.”
So, let’s see what my life might be light if I was a slave. I could be raped at will because I was the property of my master. I was not allowed to receive an education or learn how to read. To do either could be violent or deadly. Voting was completely out of the question, even for white women who were powerless in that regard. If I were to escape and be caught by the state or government, I would be promptly be returned to my master and who knows what the consequences for that punishment may be. Basically, a slave master had complete and total control over a woman’s body. If you give a man, any man, any race, control of a woman’s body, then sooner or later he will take further advantage of the situation. Now where again is the morality in his assertion that blacks were better off?

The only race that I am aware of that would be better off under slavery in America are white people.

In defense of Franks’ statements, I give you Mr. Enlightened:

“First of all, you need to understand Trent. He is my congressman and a damn great one too. If you know the man, you know what he is saying and a lot of this quote is easily taken out of context. when he says, “How brave were they? What was the matter with them? You know, I can’t believe, you know, four million slaves. This is incredible.” This is in admiration of the slaves for enduring and surviving such a bad reality and criticism of the nation for allowing such atrocities to take place for so long.

Trent is 100% standing up for the black people of this country. The Democrat party in concert with Planned Parenthood have directly targeted the black community for excess abortions. There is video out there that shows the true racism of the founder of Planned Parenthood wanting do diminish the black population via abortion. This ‘IS’ why the abortion rate is so much higher in the black community than others. All disguised in the mantra of “Choice”.

And although the life of a slave was very harsh and unfair, they did not violently have their bodies ripped apart or their brains sucked out before they could take their first breath.” 

Really, for real? I’ve watched the video and I’ve read all about Margaret Sanger and you know something, you still don’t get to tell women what to do with their bodies and pretend you’re simply doing them a favor, asshole. Regardless of the controversy surrounding Sanger’s intentions of the day, she worked closely with poor women who were in desperate need of medical care and education because they were performing self-induced abortions and harming themselves and their reproductive organs in the process. Her persistent determination is what helped to bring about the Birth Control Movement in America.


For those who don’t see the problem with Franks’ remarks, let me reiterate what I’ve been saying all along. As a black American, woman, even I do not get to talk about things being worse than slavery. Where the hell would I get off making such a comparative assumption about anything of the sort? My ancestors were used as chattel. They were kidnapped, traded, bought and sold by their Black African brothers and sold across the seas. Millions of them died during the middle passage to illness and disease we can not fathom today. They were whipped, lynched, maimed raped and killed as punishment for disobeying their masters or attempting to escape. 

Franks’ ancestors did not experience any of those things, although that doesn’t discount their vast experiences in this great country of ours. And although every American lives with the legacy that slavery left behind, nobody feels its longstanding effects as visibly and invisibly as some of slavery’s living descendants. This is not to say that being any other minority or being a white man or woman in America has been easy. It certainly has not. Indentured servants from all over Europe made up a large portion of early immigrants to America during a time when slavery was at its peak. What sucks is when people make racially insensitive comments and then retort with “get over it” because slavery is over, yet they know what they’ve just said is not only insensitive, but’s racially inflammatory. If you can demand I “shut up and get the hell over it” I can demand you utilize “common fucking decency when it comes to comparing who in history has had it worse.”

People whine that blacks whine too damn much about slavery and its aftermath, but then you have douche bags like Trent Franks whining about black women having abortions and then comparing it to slavery, as if the other 68% of abortions are had by the boogey woman and her girls from down the way.

Slavery is a sensitive subject that must be handled with respect. Educated blacks fully understand that White American’s role in the Atlantic slave trade mutually coincided with those of Black Africans on the interior and exteriors of Africa’s gold coast, Muslims, Arabs and White Europeans.

Push whatever political view that gets your blood pumping, but leave slavery the hell out of it, especially when you’re blatantly spouting misinformation just to get people to believe in something. I’ll stick to believing in the truth and leave the blatant lies to desperate extremists.

In conclusion, I’m not going to go out of my way and call Franks an idiot, I’m going to just go ahead and say that I believe Trent Franks is an idiot. Did I also mention that Franks is an idiot of idiotic proportions? Just to be crystal clear, Trent Franks picture, which can be viewed on his wikipedia page, can also be found in the dictionary under the word IDIOT.

In summary, Trent Franks, Republican congressman from Arizona, is a bone headed IDIOT, with really great intentions according to his friends in the cause, none of which happen to be black, coincidentally, except for Day Gardner who is really a white guy in black face ala Whoopie Goldberg in The Associate.

To be honest, Day Gardner is a former Miss Delaware who praised former Miss California Carie Prejean’scomments about same-sex marriage.  If she really gavea fuck about the plight of black women within the black community, she’d be doing everything within the power she’s been given by the conservative right, to do something about the troubling disparities within the rates of infant morality amount black, Hispanic and white women.  The US has the highest infant mortality rate among black women, while also touting “the greatest heath care system in the world”. This is just another hypocritical discrepancy among a ever growing list of many.  One thing is certain; the Congressman has his eyes completely shut to almost every issue related to abortion and birth control in this country except for the actual medical procedure itself.

Here is a man who decided to have children at the age of 53 by way of a donor egg and surrogate, according to Wikipedia, instead of adopting one of the millions of black babies already without a family in this country. It’s his God given right, to that I’ll concede, but he’s a hypocrite in my book with a serious lack of actual morality.




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