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Hello! Im just coming out and being so i feel like im to late in the game (37yrs)..I try to approach ag studs but to me they seem to arrogant to picky to fussy its a bit to much for me to deal with the drama.. Im a bubbly person i like to laugh and be silly and i thought thats what females like to do or like in some one but Im becoming afraid to approach and thats not like me and i dont want to get tipsy to build up enough to approach a ag stud.Im from NJ across from NY and i know they all hangout in the city sooo im askin advice on how to approach and what to say and what not to say and where to meet ag studs.. PS loving the ag swag can’t turn back now!!!

Dear Lost and Confused,

Let me begin by saying thank you for sharing your question with me. I hope I can be of service to you! OK, let’s get right to it. There are lots of studs and AGs looking for women just like you so have no fear. You do not need to change one thing about yourself to attract who you’re looking for. You sound like you know who you are and have a great attitude about life in general. It also sounds like you’re running into the wrong studs, for starters, but we’re all allowed to bump our head a few times before we find our niche and can weed out the undesirables.

My girlfriend came into the game at a later stage in her life and we didn’t meet in the “traditional” way either. We met online and her bubbly personality was exactly what drew me to her initially. She has a really great spirit and it sounds like you do too. Studs love a femme with a great personality because we see you as someone who will compliment our own, and most studs are very low key with charming demeanor’s so this is a nice combination. We see you as the ying to our yang. The fact that you’re attracted to Ags and studs tells me that you need to resort to some non-traditional ways of meeting one who is on the same page as you.

I don’t recommend trying to meet studs or AGs in clubs or bars because nine times out of ten they’re already taken and the ones who aren’t are already playing. With that said, don’t count out finding love online. The Internet is wrack full of social networking websites that have blown up and lesbians can be found in mass on all of them. Single studs are everywhere online and off.

If you haven’t already, make an account on downelink, myspace, facebook or all three. There’s also a rapidly growing lesbian community on twitter full of bois, studs and AGs who are single and looking. is another one. LGBT sports associations are breeding grounds for studs and butches.

When it comes right down to it and you’re out and about and you see a stud you want to approach with a burning passion, I suggest walking right up to her with a beautiful smile on your face and introducing yourself. Let your eyes do the initial talking, then let her know that you noticed her and wanted to say hello. There is nothing sexier than a beautiful, confident woman approaching with the purpose of letting us know know they find us attractive. It’s a pleasant disarming feeling and it’s something every stud wants, especially the shy ones.

A good number of us are wary of approaching feminine women for fear of not only rejection , but of not knowing for certain if you’re actually a lesbian. Studs wear their sexuality out loud so most times it’s easy for a woman to determine that we’re gay. We don’t have the same advantage when it comes to femme or femme appearing lesbians. Most studs greatly appreciate a woman who is confident enough to approach first. Once you’ve made your intentions known, you can sit back and let us do the talking. If a stud is not responding to the straight forward approach, odds are they aren’t attracted romantically, but there’s also the opportunity for friendship. This too has the propensity to lead to relationships.

I wish you the best of luck, and please, don’t give up just because of what you’ve come across so far. The best is yet to come.






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  1. GEMINI says:

    I love how you worded that.

    that was great thank your input 🙂 us femmes do appreciate it. sometimes studs do seem unapproachable…

  2. Glennisha says:

    I think this was great advice. You can never go wrong with a proper introduction.

  3. bud says:

    Wonderful! Sports clubs are best; I wouldn't go the internet route – too many wackos out there.
    .-= bud´s last blog ..SPG Djarum Super: Nimas89 =-.

  4. danielle says:

    i want a stud im young but hey i live in farmington hills mi if you single and live in detroit or farmington hit me up 12486327392 im on facebook to Nay Bonita

  5. Brittany Black says:

    I want a stud.! I am 15 heading towards 16.! I live in Georgetown, South Carolina.! my # is 359 4769. I am on facebook. Brittany Black.! Inbox me.!

  6. Crys says:

    I so love a sexy stud but sometimes not sure how to approach. Thanks for sharing!

    Check out the link you'll find out more about me!

  7. MARIE says:

    ok so i read how to approach a stud. Im what is considered a soft stud single cause i cannot find that fem. It seems that i keep falling for married fems and it doesnt seem to work and i want a single fem. Joined a gym over a year ago and saw this spectacular fem who is single but not totally sure she is a lesbian. She is always staring at me. Now we have moved to the point of talking to each other. It took a long time for us to have conversations. Alot of times she is the one who will start a conversation with me. She sometimes wont talk to me until we are done taking a shower. She tells me she is late for work most of the time. Im just to scared to ask her but she seems to be so comfortable around me once we are in the locker room tho. Im just puzzled about her.


  8. Mo'Naeaya says:

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  9. MoNaeaya says:

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  10. Tanille says:

    Hello I'm from Lima ohio and I'm a late starter also I was with a stud for 7yrs and now that we're not together its difficult to try and find some else mainly because I'm older I'm 39 and I've been with only her.
    But I'm single love meeting new people an love to travel if there's any single studs out there hmu

  11. how to approach women says:

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  12. Jasmine says:

    My name is jasmine and looking for a stud

  13. Desiree C. says:

    Thank you for posting this blog. I'm a 31 yr. old bi-curious woman who wants give same-sex dating a try. Although I'm attracted to men I haven't been with one in over two years, and I don't care to date them because of how they've treated me. I'm really into studs and want to experience dating them. There's just something about a masculine woman that really turns me on. I'm completely open to the possibility of being "turned out". So, if you're a stud/boi/AG who's 32 or older in the Pittsburgh, PA. area hit me up.

    Desiree Caine on Facebook

    • Shawna says:

      I was married to a man for a very long time. Met my stud online by accident (long story). I was scared to open up but just couldnt stop things from happening. I NEVER thought that I would EVER date another women but my God I have never been happier! We have been dating now for 7 fantastic months. I still get butterflies looking at her and when I am around her I cannot help but touch her ( Im getting butterflies even writing about her). My opinion you live once life make it a happy and exciting one!! GO FOR IT!

  14. RENEE says:


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