Obama’s Health Care Victory Leaves Conservatives Stuck On Stupid… Again

Conservative blowhards took fear mongering to unprecedented levels over the past year with regard to health care reform, but the Liberals loons still prevailed. The passage of the health care reform bill loomed in the air this morning, and conversation with a colleague focused on the prospect that her dad would  finally be able to apply for and receive health insurance after being previously denied. His pre-existing condition is diabetes. Another colleague discussed the prospect of being able to insure her college age daughter until she’s able to get insurance on her own after graduation.

You see, in the midst of all the B.S. and back and forth bickering, they forgot about the little people who stand to benefit the most. Conservatives and Republicans are so wrapped up in fairy tale land that they lost sight of the fact that there are millions of working class and poor people in America that have been forgotten about for far too long. They complain about the rising costs of this and that by pretending to care about government spending, but they don’t give a damn about the rising costs of individual taxpayer insurance plans that rose almost across the board this year alone. My own insurance saw a 30% increase which goes into effect in April.

Republicans had over 8 years including control of both the House and Senate to do something to fix health care and they did nothing, NOTHING, the entire time yet now they’ve found a “unified” voice after the Democrats decided enough was enough. Well, let me retract and revise that statement.

Republicans are best known for their failure to give a damn about the millions and rising of uninsured Americans. They did nothing to curtail the rising costs of health care in the midst of it all. They vehemently refused to expand eligibility for the State Children’s Health Insurance Program, which Obama quickly reversed upon coming into office, and last but not least they tried to cut Medicaid spending.

They were against their very own President Bush’s expansion of Medicaid’s prescription drug program, which was probably one of his single greatest achievements in health care while still a sitting president. He installed about 1500 additional clinics  in urban neighborhoods and enclaves and we saw a push to spend 50 billion dollars to fight AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis around the world over the course of 5 years. A Conservative-Republican, despite being wayward, did some things to improve health care, but with staunch opposition from his very own party every step of the way.

This current liberal congress included measures that Republicans lobbied for and insisited be included in the health bill, yet the wayward rascals voted against it anyway. And they voted as one which cannot be said for Democrats who had a few dissenters in the mix. This doesn’t prove that the bill was wrong by any stretch, but what it does show is that Democrats, at the very least, retain the ability to think for themselves when it comes right down to it. I can somewhat respect that.

I’m sure I join very few Americans when I say they have shown just how much they care not only about America as a country, but its most important resource, its citizens.  /tongue in cheek

Abortion was a big deal in the earlier health care debates and all the way to the end, but it’s becoming an even bigger deal with the passage of the health reform bill. I guess no one has advised them to not pay for an abortion if they don’t want one.

These lackeys are so against “big” government, which employs the lot of them, yet they’re quick to turn to the government to legislate someone else’s body. They have no problem using government legislation to regulate what is supposed to be a private, personal decision. Apparently, since minding your own damn business is way too productive there’s nothing to do but be against that too.

I have no problem with the government making it mandatory for all who should have health insurance being required to purchase some. Hospitals shouldn’t be used as doctors offices, and besides, requiring all who need it to purchase it will help drive down costs across the board and ultimately make America a healthier nation. If we spent more time on preventive care, we’d spend less money on chronic and life threatening conditions and treatments that could have been prevented had they taken advantage of some of the greatest benefits of having health insurance.

Republicans can lie all they want, but they cannot deny that health care in the US is at a critical state. They beleive the pracitcally unregulated free market can provide workable solutions, but cutting corners to cut costs is not only not cost effective it is likely to reap long-term disastrous repurcussions.

A Couple Of Points Before I Go

1. The bill that just passed will ensure 32 million Americans who previously had none or couldn’t get insured because of pre-existing conditions.

2. If you’re against it because of costs why aren’t you also against the war in Iraq or Afghanistan or wherever else we decide to stick our noses internationally with regard to costs and expenditures? We spend massive amounts of money on wars and don’t hear a peep from conservatives about the sacrifice of American lives.   

3. Some of the same fear laden arguments against Health Care were used against Social Security and Medicare when legislation was being proposed.

4. Conservaties survived women winning the right to vote AND blacks and minorities winning civil rights and civil liberties, and guess what… America did not fall apart.

5. President Obama accomplished a feat I don’t recall many presidents doing within the first 2 years in office. He made GOOD on a campaign promise. Like, whoa.

6. Although the bill does not include a public option… yet, I think it’s a start. It’s not perfect, but what piece of legislation has congress ever passed that could be deemed perfect or anywhere close?

7. The Republican party did nothing to advance health care when they were in power and they’ve done nothing to advance it now. Their new motto should be “Every Man For Himself” because that’s the only platform that truly defines what they stand for in this country.

8. If Democrats are liberal loonies Republicans are useless “no” bodies who refuse to think for themselves. Threatening to repeal the bill would mean revoking 30 million plus Americans insurance coverage, denying coverage for pre-existing conditions and illnesses and denying coverage for 22-26 year olds who cannot afford it through any means other than being covered by parents or guardians.

9.  Rep. Jeff May, a Monroe Republican. “Nowhere in the constitution are you entitled to health care.”  

Nowhere in the constitution are you entitled to an education either, genius.

“Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich was quoted Sunday as saying that President Obama and the Democrats, by passing comprehensive health care legislation, “will have destroyed their party much as Lyndon Johnson shattered the Democratic Party for 40 years” with the passage of civil rights legislation.”  Source

This is the same Newt Gingrich that divorced his wife when she was in the hospital with cancer. Yeah, here’s a well meaning people person. He meant exactly what he said and no amount of backtracking will do his backtracking any justice. What a piss poor excuse for a human being.

10. Republicans and Democrats and ObamaCare, Oh my! Be afraid, be very afraid, unless of course you’re Liberal, Progressive, Independent or just don’t give a damn either way.

It’s staggering the number of people who call themselves Christians yet are against health insurance being made available to all. If calling themselves God fearing and going to church every Sunday makes them sleep better at night after voting no on health care reform, then so be it.  

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