In The Words Of Joe Biden, “This Is A Big Effing Deal”

Let’s hear what Joe Biden had to say about the health bill passing.

The Republicans Respond

Only hours after President Barack Obama signed one of the most sweeping pieces of health care legislation in American history, U.S. Sen. Jim DeMint filed a bill to repeal the controversial new law.

On Tuesday, DeMint introduced a bill to reverse the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act signed into law the same by Obama.

DeMint blasted the $1.2 trillion law for imposing an unconstitutional federal mandate and said it will increase the federal debt and impose new taxes.

“All of this was done in the face of overwhelming public opposition and bipartisan opposition in Congress,” DeMint wrote in a USA Today guest editorial. “This process has been an insult to our democracy.” Source

Are Republicans really this insane?

If it’s not already apparent to just about everyone, Republicans have responded to the passage of the bill with fighting words. The kiddie gloves have been removed and an all out brawl is on the horizon.

In one corner we have “Mormon Mitt” Romney, the GOP challenger who is poised to run against Obama in the 2012 Presidential election. He’s calling for the repeal of the heath reform law by calling it a “historic usurpation of the legislative process.”

Yes, folks, the same asshole we haven’t heard a peep out of during most of the health care debates decides that now is the time to speak up. Perhaps it’s because he is the former governor of Massachusetts who mandated universal health care to all MA residents at the risk of a tax penalty. This mandate is similar to one implemented by Democracts and Republicans while crafting the health care law.

In recent days, former Gov. Mitt Romney (R-MA) has tried to simultaneously tear down President Obama’s proposals to reform healthcare, while defending his own legacy of reforming healthcare in Massachusetts. Romney’s health plan includes an expansion of Medicaid using $385 millionin annual Federal money, as well as an individual mandate and a sliding scale of subsidies. Today, 98% of Bay State residents have quality, highly regulated coverage. Defending his plan last night, Romney told Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren that the only way the Massachusetts “system can work” is by having an individual mandate.

Romney’s got balls like Sarah Palin, i.e., he has none, but that doesn’t stop him from pretending that he does. He’s trying to take the leadership role way late in the game with no coherent vision, no concrete philosophy and no political ideological mettle with which to lead his party any damn where. Basically, he’s a spineless hypocrite with neither principle nor substance. I’m not sure how he expects to be taken seriously in 2012. He’s given his opponents all the ammunition they need to stick a fork in him if he makes it that far.

In the other corner we have the “demented” Senator Jim Demint, whose name is surely as misspelled as his priorities.  He’s the one that introduced legislation to repeal Health Care shortly after the bill was signed into law. The appeal has been co-sponsored by 12 Republicans leaders and aims to fully repeal while replacing the law with their own version. These are the same politicians that turned down bipartisan cooperation long ago by vowing to vote no, then making good on that promise by voting no on all of the changes they (Republicans) lobbied to have included in the final version. 

They didn’t get the memo which clearly states that they are no longer the majority party and presently retain very little power in Congress. Not only does John McCain need constant reminding of his disastrous loss, the remaining members of his distinguished party of dingbats need them as well.

Demint had this to say in 2009:

If we’re able to stop Obama on this it will be his Waterloo. It will break him,”– Sen. Jim Demint

His own state of South Carolina sees 670 people lose health coverage every week, according to data gathered by Families USA, yet he’s more concerned with ensuring the president’s failure than ensuring that all of the people in his state have health insurance. He isn’t just a douche-bag, he’s a dangerously demented one.

For starters, the bill is constitutional. Secondly, the majority of Americans understand that health care reform needed to be addressed by Congress, without further delay. This bill threatens neither our freedoms nor our prospective prosperity, unless we happen to own stock in the pharmaceutical industry. Abortions will not be funded, although Viagra and Cialis will still be covered, as should abortion. 

If Senator DeMint is truly worried about the Constitution then he should draft legislation that affect laws that are actually unconstitutional, such corporations being granted personhood status, since those matters resonate so strongly with him and his cronies.

The repeal will prove to be nothing more than a time waste, further displaying that Republicans have nothing of substance to bring to the table. If not for the health bill I do believe they would not know what to do with themselves otherwise.  

‘We the people’ have long sought decent health care for all, and this has been promised by many in the past, but never delivered on until now. One of the bonus benefits of this legislation is that Republicans have shown their true colors. As imperfect as this bill is, it will become a major part of American life and will improve the health and hope of so many who previously had neither hope nor quality care.

Not one of the following laws were passed without major opposition, yet who in their right mind would take a serious stand against any of them today? In fact, some were issued by executive order because the presidents in power knew the bills would not pass through Congress.

– The Emancipation Proclamation
– Women’s Right To Vote
– The desegregation of the US Armed Forces was the first time a president used an executive order to implement civil rights legislation, and it was a major victory for black Americans. At the time of the signing 82% of Americans were in disagreement with integrating the armed services.
– The desegregation of public schools took a MILITARY armed with GUNS to protect the safety of black school children while they marched into previously all-white schools and sealed their place in history.
– The Civil Rights Act was signed into law by Lindon B. Johnson and was a massive undertaking on his part because of the violently racist atmosphere gripping the country at the time.

How Will Republicans Explain Themselves In 2010/2012?

If Republicans want to hold onto the minuscule amount of intellectual integrity they might still have hiding somewhere, they must understand that lies and fear breed hate and anger, but only for so long until something must give. Most intelligent people understand that this bill is flawed, but it is a necessary first step. Most intelligent people understand that while it may be a sacrifice for some to be required to purchase insurance, it’s just like owning a car; we’re all required to have it. Why should the same not be expected for our bodies, our most precious cargo? We can’t continue to wonder why public hospitals are being shut down due to financial strain when the reason for this lies in the fact that they are required to provide medical care for everyone, regardless of ones financial situation or lack of insurance. Who do they think pays these excess costs in the long run? The working, middle and upper class; we all do.

I saw my fair share of senior citizens weighing in on the debate, and it leaves me to wonder just how many seniors over 65 who are opposed to “Obamacare” would stop using their Medicare provisions today. I’d wager a guess that not even 1% of them would do so.

The GOP is doing what they’ve always done best. Putting their quest for power over their care for country. The argument that the government will be able to make decisions about patient care fails to differ from an insurance representative deciding what, when, where, why and how a doctor can and cannot provide care based on company policy or cost effectiveness. In both situations there lies a common denominator. That is, someone telling the doctor what the insurance company is or is not willing to pay for. 

How is this any different than pre-authorizations for procedures insurers do not consider standard? It’s a moot argument. What people need to understand is that insurance companies have always dictated what procedures they will pay for. The insured have always had the option to pay out of pocket for non-approved expenses; most simply do not have the cash on hand to afford the high costs of health care. Despite these costs being out of reach, I’ve yet to see any physician or Attorney General step forward and sue an insurance company for refusing to pay for a service or procedure that was needed to save a life, yet they’re quick to sue the government for wanting to enforce our right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Do they understand that insurance company CEO’s make millions of dollars off of sick people every day? People are human beings, yet Conservatives continue to focus on the costs of health care to the government, which only serves the interests of insurance companies, physicians and lobbyists (the people with the money) over ordinary American citizens (the people they are all supposed to be working for.)

They claim to care so much about the shortage of doctors, yet fail to mention that the current shortage lies not with specialist doctors, but with primary care physicians, the kind of doctors we will all regularly visit when we reach retirement age. These doctors have been getting the shaft for years, but with the current health care law there should be a power shift amongst specialists and primary care physicians. The doctors with the big bucks don’t support health care reform and those with the small change do. Big surprise there.

If we want more affordable health care we must keep fighting for the public option. Nancy Pelosi has earned my respect for her courageous efforts in all the wheeling and dealing that took place in the House and Senate over the weekend. Whatever she did, God bless her for getting it done. We, of course, reserve the right to criticize and critique Congress’ further efforts following the signing of the bill into law, but in return they deserve support for the dedication invested that has helped clear a path to real reform.

We need leaders that aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo while best serving the national interests of all Americans.




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