Hey Woman, If You’re Listening

ThrescaYou are beautiful, desirable, talented and intelligent, but you don’t believe a word of any of that. You have low self-esteem and your feelings don’t project how you really feel inside. You’ve held your emotional and psychological self together for so long. You appear confident, but you really aren’t.

The emotional and perhaps physical abuse you’ve suffered at the hands of men or women you’ve loved with all of your heart has caused you to become guarded, emotionally detached, suspicious, and often intolerable of the unknown aspects of the relationship, especially when you feel your worst.

Fear of any kind can be paralyzing, and you pray that your own does not allow you to overwhelm your needs, wants and desires. 

Deep down and on the surface you are kind, nurturing and emotionally fragile. Friend’s and family describe you as being considerate and compassionate to a fault.  

Don’t get me wrong, you are a wonderful, wounded soul who wishes for nothing more than romance in your relationship and true love in your life. But to attain it, you must begin to believe all of the positive things about yourself that you already know are true.

You must own all of the baggage you came with and begin to sort through the mess. The emotional luggage you’ve been carrying around is far too heavy for one person to bear alone. You get lonely sometimes and just want to be comforted, but you must empty your baggage off the shelf if you are to really begin anew.

You cannot go through life seeking what you felt you sorely missed all through out. No one can take the place of a good mother, loving and attentive father, and brothers and sisters, but you must not be afraid to deal with their abandonment of you if they ever choose this path for themselves. When your accusations precede the behavior you accuse your lover of engaging in when they have not, you’ve hurt not only them, but also yourself in the process.

Just because you fear that thing does not mean you must go and do everything in your power to make it happen, so you can no longer fear it never coming to pass, or doing so when you least expect it.

You gorgeous woman, yes, you are flawed, but you are genuine and worldly and no one can take that from you.

You have a beautiful child. You will raise him or her as best you can, doing your best to avoid making the same mistakes your parents did. Remember, though, mistakes will happen.

More importantly, remember that physical attraction only takes you so far and only lasts so long. Age differences can be overcome, but the foundation on which the relationship is based must be solid and deep.

All this talk of “keeping a man” is just another way to keep you down. You don’t need a man or woman to complete you. You must be happy with yourself first. You must be healthy inside and out, which will give you the courage to get to know yourself better than anyone else ever has. You must possess the ability to “keep yourself” before becoming concerned with trying to hold onto someone else.

Woman, please, love yourself so that you can love another. When all of the pieces start to fit together, and you love yourself even more than before, the quality of every aspect of your life will drastically improve.




3 Responses to “Hey Woman, If You’re Listening”
  1. Mellogyrl says:

    Very inspirational piece hun!!!
    I hope she is listening/reading and realizes her worth!!!
    .-= Mellogyrl´s last blog ..There for you… =-.

  2. bud says:

    But there’s always the shopping; that always makes them feel better no matter what.

  3. teacher says:

    i need to print this and remember it. I am having an affair with a man that makes me feel better than I have felt in over 20 years. This is what I need to see. I need to end it and know it is for the best, but this is the hardest thing I have ever done

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