Robin Hood (2010)

I must apologize for my long absences from my movie reviews, I must, I just don’t know why I was not going to the movies. Possibly walking out of several movies didn’t help; Steve Carell needs to stop making movies. Enough about my problems lets talk:


This movie is about Truth, Honor, Commitment and Love. There are not as many fighting scenes as you might expect there are however thoughtful dramatic scenes that get you thinking of how you might have made a different decision. Laughter is also present and they are large laugh out loud moments. Russell Crow is perfect for this persona of Robin Hood. Robin Hood has been played by Douglas Fairbanks 1922, Errol Flynn 1938, Sean Connery 1976, Kevin Costner 1991, and now Russell Crow 2010. All before Russell Crow went down the traditional rob from the rich and give to the poor. Not this Robin, not now, not here. Think Magna Carta and how that document formed our beliefs. What does it mean to be free, really free?  

I have included two links to Wikipedia that I hope you look at and enjoy as much as I did. is a great place to go and get the history of Robin Hood. find out what all the fuss was about, this is important and you may find out why we have some of our freedoms. 

I would like to know from you if this is the kind of review you like or do you want the plot line and story synopsis? 

This Movie is a MUST SEE 

John Drew




4 Responses to “Robin Hood (2010)”
  1. Kelly says:

    I was going to wait for the DVD for this one, but now I’m heading out to see it. Thanks for the great review.

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