Erotic Trust

I was that smooth operator
Made love with lavish lust
My desires no procrastinator
Spent – day and night
Reenacting love songs
We’d skip the heart-breakers and through sweat and funk
We fucked
There was no requirement for things tasting of sweetness
No fake bliss
While licking pussy like a thirsty kitten being weaned
Off its mom’s tits
Your sweet milk never tasted guilty in the mouth
I was a smooth operator and a soldier of love later
I never had to guess if you’d be turned on by me either
I could always make up your mind
And open you all the way wide
And there you’d lie
Right beside me with a feeling
Your body could never betray
When I’d kiss you on the belly
Between thighs, slowly making my way
Pushing buttons I know would stir
The further south, the louder you’d purr
The more intense I would become
At finding what you were hiding from
No holding back
As this journey takes me
No holding back
As you stir like crazy
The more you wiggle the more tongue flicks
Enough to lick a tattoo onto your skin
Fingers – Tracing – Deeper – In
You make a motherfucker’s spirit feel human
I breathe you in as I’m having an orgasm
And damn if you aren’t my favorite food woman
Ask any of them
Why I lose track and keep coming back
Why your body language is sex appeal
I’ve got the only recipe for seduction
All I need is a lover
Who can understand something
Whose prone to submissive positions while moaning
Spread eagle or cowgirl, that body’s convulsing
You need not already be open either
The first time you begged for it
Papi go deeper
My command was your wish
My sentiments still express this 
Your pussy ain’t never stopped cumming
Alive with my spit
Feel my slick fingers lightly tracing against
A warm tunnel of love where fleshy parts of you exist
From head to toe I’m in love with all of it
I’m no garden-variety
I’m a pro at this
Making love is the stud with swag sign language
I can feel how deep I’m inside you now
In the furtherest part of your temple’s canal
Where the sweetest of your berries grow plenty and fruitful
As I make my way into a angle more comfortable
Your nails dig deeper
As pleasure and pain ensues
You are so close now I can feel you coming
Spilling, no squirting from somewhere, gushing
I call it home from where you come
And in anticipation unbury my tongue
I grip ass cheeks as toes are curling
Your juice drips off of my nose – unhurried
And when your trembling eventually dies down
Another eruption comes – more powerful 
I could have picked all of them berries girl
And never again needed to lick your pearl
But see that’s the major difference between
Love and lusting over gorgeous things
I was that smooth operator until I could no longer feed
And get full from what was buried beneath
Two women kissing was my motivator
My reason for teasing
five orgasms later…
Instead of being a soldier for more than just meat
For love from the one who kept  me coming back for repeat
Love sessions, life lessons, a full circle for me
She taught love – I taught lust
We taught each other things
To stop misguiding hearts
Ripped my player’s card to pieces
Burned my pimp membership
Cause I was only pimping was me
And I’d rather be a soldier of love anyway
“For in love lies no defeat”
As this complicated lover would say





4 Responses to “Erotic Trust”
  1. Jennifer Griffin says:

    u know i luv it, luv it luv it. can i please post it on the site?

  2. Mellogyrl says:

    Going from "My desires no procrastinator" to "We taught each other things
    To stop misguiding hearts
    Ripped my player’s card to pieces
    Burned my pimp membership"
    because "And I’d rather be a soldier of love anyway"
    This is an excellent piece hun!!! Thoroughly enjoyed it!!!

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