Glenn Beck Thinks He’s Martin Luther King, Jr.

We are on the side of individual freedoms and liberties, and damn it we will reclaim the civil rights moment. We will take that movement because we were the people that did it in the first place…

Abby NormalGlenn Beck is planning a big organized rally on the anniversary of Dr. King’s 1963 March on Washington, and in the same spot where he delivered his world famous “I Have a Dream” speech. It was on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial at the height of the civil rights movement that King spoke. Glenn Beck plans to emulate the late great civil rights leader by fulfilling his very own “dream”.

He’s calling it his “Restoring Honor Rally.” It’s no surprise that it falls on the exact date and will be held at the exact location of Martin Luther King’s 1963 event. The ‘Special Operations Warrior Foundation‘, a military veterans charity is endorsing, promoting, and will fully fund the rally via ‘tax exempt’ donations.

Although Their Mission Statement Reads:

The Special Operations Warrior Foundation provides full scholarship grants and educational and family counseling to the surviving children of special operations personnel who die in operational or training missions and immediate financial assistance to severely wounded special operations personnel and their families.

Beck is asking his fans and supporters to make donations to the 501c3 charity. Those funds will not reach the charity or it’s intended recipients, but instead they’ll be funneled directly to Beck to fund his rally. When the event is paid in full, donations should resume going to the charity.

It is fair to note that any contributions in excess of the total cost of the rally will be donated to the Special Operations Charity Fund.

However, a federal tax-exempt charity organization is raising money for what’s shaping up to be a mass Tea Party Rally planned on the anniversary of the civil rights march on Washington. The “charity” is run by rabid conservatives like board member Erik Prince, head of Blackwater, the controversial military company whose private army military presence has been negatively felt in Iraq and Afghanistan since the start of the wars.

Beck is using people to fund an event he claims is non-political and non-partisan in order to stage an epic Tea Party Protest disguised as a Civil Rights Rally.

What kind of charity would lend their name (and federal tax exempt status) to Glenn Beck, of all people, with the belief that politics will not be in play. Why would a non-political rally be held at one of the nation’s  most famous and recognizable historical monuments? Because it’s sponsorship is being paid in part by right-wing ideologues rallying for a blood-less 21st century New American Revolution.

Although several conservative speakers had been scheduled to appear, there now exists no detailed list of speakers on the agenda for the day. Sarah Palin is rumored to be attending. I’ll see that rumor and add that I believe she’ll be handsomely paid if she makes an appearance, even more for a speech.

What’s Really Real Going On?

In Beck’s mind, he is like the white Martin Luther King Jr., liberating repressed and confused conservatives from an oppressive socialist regime that is taking away their civil rights and liberties.

In my mind, he’s nothing more than a class warfare strategist who tries to paint Dr. King as a black Republican instead of the pacifist progressive he was and would damn well be considered today no matter what he was registered as.

The truth is that the original two party system made up of Democrats and Republicans in the U.S. hold very different beliefs and political ideologies than the parties of old. But, if you ask Beck or any one of his followers exactly what rights they feel have been trampled upon, they have no problem making socialism the reason, rhyme, and catalyst while offering absolutely nothing of real substance in the interim. Most hardly know the definition of socialism.

Beck considers himself a world historical figure, but the rest of us see him as a worldly hysterical figure who may potentially give some nut-job just the excuse they need to cause mayhem and destruction and call it “God’s will” being done.

I have to put on a tin foil hat on to understand the man’s message. And while I used to believe that most of what he spouted was tongue-in-cheek, it’s much more serious now.

What’s most disturbing is that now he’s using the issue of civil rights to make a joke out of what he has led his followers to believe is a serious need for a white civil rights movement.

On the April 9th edition of his show, Beck stated that he “wouldn’t be surprised if in our lifetime dogs and fire-hoses are released or opened on us.” Beck added that he “wouldn’t be surprised if a few of us get a billy club to the head,” and then warned that “tough times are coming.”

Comparing himself and any potential resistance he may face leading up to the event to the struggles faced by Martin Luther King Jr. and his supporters is incredibly offensive and ignorant. Not only to black Americans, but to all of the brave who faced down police dogs, fire hoses, and violent verbal and physical harassment in actual marches for social and civil justice during the late 50s and 60s.

This clown, Glenn Beck, with his cock-eyed view of the world, doesn’t have a realistic understanding or respect for factual history. Privileged and disenfranchised people fought to expand liberty for everyone in this country, but the GOP Party of today cannot lay any claim to being disenfranchised politically, socially or economically. Tea Party supporters may feel differently, but then again, why the hell weren’t these misguided fools protesting and holding rallies around the country over the last 8 years?

Beck appears to be using the honorable civil rights movement as a way to shamelessly plug his politically-motivated and opportunistic attempt at pseudo activism for the advancement of the Tea Party Movement and its ultra-conservative right wing agenda.

I don’t believe for a second that Dr. King would endorse a man like Beck who professes to have no Black friends. Why? Because he’s afraid of offending them. What manner of civil rights activism would an individual in Beck’s limited social capacity be able to lead when he purposely alienates himself from the very people his “movement” emulates?

The funny thing about it is if Glen Beck really knew history he’d know that the 1963 march on Washington was an integrated event shared with people from all walks of life, all ethnicity’s, standing together to oppose hatred and racial discrimination. It was planned in part by an openly gay man, Bayard Rustin, who was accused of being a Communist for most of his political life. Communism and Socialism go hand in hand to most conservatives and Tea Baggers.

Glenn Beck is a Mormon. The most conservative, anti-gay religion in America. They also donated 77% of the funds used in California to uphold Prop 8, which stripped same-sex couples from marrying.

We’re supposed to believe that he honestly cares about civil rights and social justice when his religion actively rallies to do the exact opposite of what he professes to be a proponent of.

I have a fleeting suspicion that this rally will likely to be a mostly white, Tea Party endorsed, anti-government, anti-gay, one-stop rhetoric shop.

Election time is fast approaching and Republican’s and Tea Baggers want people to think they honestly give a rat’s ass about civil rights. They want people to believe that they played a role the original civil rights movement. They want you to believe that Dr. King was a man they loved and respected. They have no problem using pawns like Michael Steele and Jesse Lee Peterson (black Republicans) to project a false image of “see, now they really do like blacks and minorities” when it couldn’t be any further from the truth.

Beck’s been leading the charge to divide the nation against itself on the basis of race and political ideology for a long time now. It’s still not understood why he’d liken himself to some of America’s greatest politicians and leaders who instigated sweeping changes that greatly impacted all Americans regardless of race, color or creed. Their actions increased the quality of life for minorities in America across the board.

Beck serves a purpose in the right wing media world known as Fox Entertainment. He easily makes every other commentator on the Fox network and every other right wing media peep look sane by comparison. Unfortunately, he’s bright enough not to go too far in his views that he is shunned by his own party.

I predict that there will be quite a turnout for this event, numbering in the tens of thousands. No matter what the figures end up being, they’ll triple in size for the sake of reporting anyway, so it really doesn’t matter.  He’s had plenty of time to persuade people to donate to his fake fund so he can hold his Carnival.

I also suspect that most people won’t give a rats ass until its too late, the day arrives and instead of honoring Martin Luther King Jr. and the accomplishments of the march and speech, media outlets will be focused on Glenn Beck’s Tea Party rally taking place in that very same spot.

The bottom line is despite the fact that Glenn Beck is a seriously disturbed individual, there is something genuine in his wild assertions that draws people to him en masse. His narcissism manifests through paranoia and greed, and the crazier he becomes the more his coffers are filled up. He dislikes everyone, yet people adore him for what they perceive to be genuine concern for their well being.

Beck has successfully emulated those before him who were able to alienate vast numbers of people through driving fear mixed with patriotism mixed with nationalism mixed with scare tactics to mind control. Now he’s not only taking a page out of Dr. King’s book, he’s going to re-write the story with his own version’s sick twist. In classic Beck style; he always manages to make the best out of failure.




18 Responses to “Glenn Beck Thinks He’s Martin Luther King, Jr.”
  1. Tony says:

    Cannot disagree with a good part of what you have to say about Beck but cannot say your piece is any better than what you are attacking. When will the sheep stop buying into this left-right paradigm theater they are being fed? What color is the sky in all you people's worlds?

    Your article, with derogatory references like Tea Baggers simply feeds the joke of the two headed political monster (really, what a weak minded bunch of sheep-like spew is that?).

    Are you that blind to see the hijacking of the mainstream movement out there for less govt.? Wake up.

    You are either part of the solution or part of the problem. Right now you are just another cheap shot, divisive hack like Beck, and thus at best a problem.

  2. Knowledge says:

    Tony, thank you for reading my post, and for being brave enough to leave a comment. What I am attacking is blatant idiocy and disrespect, and if my post accurately reflects that, then so be it. Mission accomplished.

    What you've been exposed to is a purposeful reactionary piece of political commentary from a political junkie, me, who does not lay claim to any political party, specific ideology, or dogma.

    With that said, I sincerely apologize for wounding your delicate sensibilities, but the word TEA-BAGGER does most accurately reflect the current state of the Tea Party's rag tag bunch of GOP rejects. I'm not really sorry, but I've made an exception in your case because that word appears to have struck a nerve. Oops.

    But wait, all one has to do is take a look at the joke that has become known as the Tea Party Movement. It has nothing to do with left-right paradigm, and everything to do with the fact that while some of their ideas are valid, and sensible, let's not pretend that they all are.

    If there was ever a party of contradiction, this is it.

    There are idiots coming out in defense of BP corporate execs much like you've come out in defense of the word Tea-Bagger.

    Leave our Medicare alone, but Health care for all? Be damned!

    And, so, after a year of angry debate that's gotten us nowhere, emotion continues to outweigh fact, and that's the real JOKE.

    "Are you that blind to see the hijacking of the mainstream movement out there for less govt.?"

    It's not the same party, hence, when TEA-BAGGERS hijacked that shit, the movement picked up steam, and lost a lot of respect at the same time. The joke is not only on them, but really, it's on all of us. It is a GOP-funded, cruel, and dangerous joke that could very well end up having the last laugh. That certainly won't halt the "divisive" commentary though.

    "You are either part of the solution or part of the problem. Right now you are just another cheap shot, divisive hack like Beck, and thus at best a problem."

    You give yourself far too much credit if you think I don't know what you just did there, but it's cool because from the sound of it, you're not too bad a cheap shot, divisive hack yourself. Consider it a compliment like I did. 🙂

    You hard-core ideologues don't have a clue. Your assertions, however genuine, are without merit as it pertains to any presumed lack of understanding you believe I have with regard to Tea Baggers "hijacking the mainstream movement." I have written previous posts that highlight those very pertinent bits and pieces of information.

    The two-party system is what we have. If they're purporting to work against a system like that, and claim not to play into the right-left paradigm, then perhaps they should stop coat-tailing one of the two major players representing a system they seem to hold so much disdain for.

    Minor Parties: (Green, Independent, Constitution, Libertarian, and "Tea Party.")

    In conclusion:

    1. The current Tea Party's make up is clear and obvious to anyone with a pair of eyes. You know the saying "even a blind man can see…" 2. The "Grass Roots" claim is debatable. 3. Sarah Palin is at the forefront of the party, effectively posturing herself as the leader, while vehemently claiming to be no such thing on the back end. 4. The party is unorganized and at times dysfunctional, yet most are proud of this perceived freedom of thought. 5. My guess is that it'll implode from within, give or take an election cycle or two. 6. That doesn't mean the party disappears, it just means there will be even more angry patriots yelling and screaming and holding up signs that say things like "Obama is for white slavery" if things don't go their way next round. 7. Thankfully, rallies don't win elections, votes do.

    The sky, in my world, changes colors often. And I'd much rather be a hack than a hot bag of ego, only good for writing checks that will never be cashed.

  3. Jeremy says:

    You should do your research and not lie about things you do not know. I cant believe how uniformed you are and you should be ashamed of yourself for writing this.

  4. Knowledge says:

    I've done my research, now go do yours.

    Thanks for your comment.

  5. Kelly says:

    Not lie? Which part was a lie? The fact that this rally is being put on? The fact that Glenn Beck is doing it? The fact that donations are being funneled through a charity that appears to be for the educational and family counseling for the surviving children of special operations personnel who die in operational or training missions and immediate financial assistance to severely wounded special operations personnel and their families? The fact that it’s happening on the anniversary of Dr. King’s 1963 March on Washington, and in the same spot where he delivered his world famous “I Have a Dream” speech? Which part is a lie exactly?

    Jeremy, I think you should do some research, somewhere other than on Fox News, and find out how uninformed you are.

    Fantastic article!…I’m so glad someone out there actually wrote an intelligent, informational piece on this ridiculous farce of a rally.

  6. Keith says:

    Well I sent a link of this to Mr. Glenn Beck. Perhaps you can have your spot in the sun for a few minutes if he decides to talk about your claims on his show.

    But honestly, I don’t trust Mr. Beck right away… but neither do I really trust you.

    I’ve watched Mr. Beck’s program before and one thing he did, that you are lacking, is provide evidence.

    From what I’ve seen Mr. Glenn Beck is kinda eccentric… but he tries to be authentic. I mean seriously anyone who can reasonably prove black citizens who voted in the 1700’s, not to mention the black persons who fought for America’s independence and authentically buried with military honors.

    Now it could be simply be fluff to expose said things… but being a military vet myself, I appreciate it. the Navy might well be High School Redux… but one thing we’re not as a whole is racist.

    I give my respect to MM(3?,2?,1?) Washington from DC. So hardcore he could read a full hard back book in one day (and did so too) and still drink me under the table.

    Well as an Ending Sun-Tzu said: Keep your friends close, your enemies closer… and it would seem to me that someone hasn’t even bothered to watch Mr. Glenn Beck’s program… Again as it would APPEAR to me.

  7. lance says:

    wow! i have been to 3 different tea party rallies. the only ones there that acted goofy were the acorn plants that were there. martin luther king would be very proud that glen beck is doing this rally. glen beck might not be your favorite person…but he has done more for african americans..than this pathetic story has. even martin luther kings niece will attend. you need to get some facts straight…and stop acting like a msnbc folks…after seeing how msnbc ratings keep falling…is just as sad as this article.

  8. Knowledge says:

    Keith, if you believe I wrote this political opinion merely to enjoy a few minutes in the spotlight (what freakin' spotlight anyway?), you're sadly, obviously, mistaken.

    What evidence do you believe I am lacking? Cite the references you're in disagreement with, then I can address them. You've said a whole lot of nothing in your reply, but I'll do my best to address what I was able to follow.

    "I mean seriously anyone who can reasonably prove black citizens who voted in the 1700’s, not to mention the black persons who fought for America’s independence and authentically buried with military honors."

    Can you clarify that statement? It makes no sense and I don't understand what you're attempting to prove or disprove by making it.

    No one, including myself, said anything to the effect of… "the Navy is racist." Stop making stuff up. Your reply, as a whole, is hard to follow, and you haven't even addressed any of my stated opinion or any of the assertions I make within this posting.

    I was not only bothered, but also distrubed when I was forced to watch and listen to a few of Glen Beck's programs. It would appear to me that you are a faithful viewer. You make just as little sense as Mr. Beck, but thankfully you're just responding to my little old political commentary.

  9. david campbell jr. says:

    did you know that Martin Luther kings niece will be there with Glen beck.That is something to investigate.I’ m an independent and I love my brothers in Christ all my heavenly brothers may we all find peace and as the black eye peas song says” .where’s the love”. Look into what is being said instead of what you think you see based on propaganda and reverse rhetoric.peace! judge a man not based by his color but by his character and merit.Martin Luther King Jr.A true American hero.

  10. Knowledge says:

    Do you have any evidence that proves there were Acorn plants at the 3 different Tea Party rallies you attended? If not, that's okay, I'll take your word for it in hopes that the pathetic load of crap you just fed me was actually true. In fact, there are a few former ACORN organizers that have aligned themselves with the Tea Party Movement.

    There's also the fact that if the Tea Party had any principles, they wouldn't be basing their political ideology on Fear, Lies, and Elements of Bigotry. You think just because Martin Luther King's right-wing, CONSERVATIVE niece will be in attendance at the rally, it automatically earns the civil rights seal of approval? You're sadly mistaken. It doesn't lend an ounce of credibility or credence to the real purpose behind the event. The fact that Sarah Palin will be speaking along side Beck speaks volumes without her having to open her mouth even once.

    It doesn't change a thing in my mind. It also doesn't change the fact that most of the people who embrace Beck never check facts to back up the claims he makes.

    You need to get your mind right and stop acting like a Beckerhead.


    In fact, don't answer that because you have already displayed a glaring absense of knowledge and history. If you TRULY believe that Glenn Beck has done more for black people then you don’t pay attention to history, and you don’t know anything about his religion. For decades, Mormons believed that black people were cursed by God. (Black people had the mark of Cain) Mormons did not allow black men to share full membership in the church until 1978. They were forced to over the threat of a boycott of BYU football games. I've written about this before. Do yourself a favor and go read it,

    I'm not a member of anyone's media, but I do appreciate you comparing me to an actual, respected, media outlet.

    Glenn Beck isn't my favorite or least favorite person. He is however disparaging the memory of a truly awesome moment in American history. A moment made possible not only by Martin Luther King Jr, but also his friends, who among them was an openly gay black man. He has been credited with being the single force behind that particular march. This black man would likely be considered with great disdain by Glenn Beck, his religion, and most of his viewers just for his sexual preference. Glenn Beck, representing the Tea Party, claims to want to take back the civil rights movement, but he hasn't said who he wants to take it back from, nor has anyone in the Tea Party. Do you want to take it back from the blacks, the gays…. who!?

    Just because you don't see anything wrong with it doesn't make you, or Glenn Beck, right.

  11. Knowledge says:

    Glenn Beck is following a televangelist script to capture the religious crowd and it’s working nicely I see. Yes, I know that Martin Luther King’s niece is attending. Imagine that; the niece of one the greatest leaders in civil rights history (murdered by Conservative racists) sitting at the table with a conservative, alcoholic, paranoid, comedian/commentator, who, not too long ago called the first black (bi-racial) president of the United States, Barack Obama, a racist. Did you also know that she had two abortions before becoming a staunch anti-abortionist? Did you know that Coretta Scott King, Martin Luther King Jr’s widow, believed that same-sex marriage was a civil rights issue. Did you know that Mormons contributed the most money (millions) to the Proposition 8 campaign that passed in California which bans same-sex marriage. Whose rights are actually being trampled on again? These are all things that you can investigate in your spare time, perhaps?

    Alveda King is not the first person to be exploited by Beck, and she will hardly be the last.

    You will have to do much better than telling me to “look into what’s being said instead of what you think you see based on propaganda and reverse rhetoric.” You have not proven anything that counters what appears to be an obvious attempt to hijack a movement (civil rights) in similiar fasion as the Tea Party’s, which was overthrown by right-wing nuts, extremists, and ultra conservatives. How quickly “we” become masters at that which is perpetrated upon “us”.

    I’m thrilled to know that you love all of your brothers in Christ, equally. That must be why you have no problem seeing the love in people who project no such thing; you see yourself and that’s a beautiful quality, but imagine MLK Jr. adopting such a resolute demeanor during a time where he had to fight for the very rights most conservatives were and still are against, today.

    In case you still can’t comprehend, since I’m unsure of what era you grew up in, the people who were MLK’s lifelong enemies were called conservatives. Regardless of party affiliation claimed, conservatives were against practically everything MLK and those like him stood for. Civil and equal rights.

    I suggest you visit your local library and read up on the Southern Strategy.

  12. David Savedge says:

    There is a new book out that exposes the lie that is Glenn Beck

    It's called Common Nonsense Glenn Beck and the Triumph of Ignorance.

    It's well documented and a very sane piece of writing.

  13. truthbetold says:

    Mr. Knowledge, has the knowledge of a sixth grader, and it sounds to me that HE is a racist and bigot.
    Thank God for Glenn Beck…speaking the truth and proving it.
    Our current President has done more to set back race relationships then anyone else in this century.
    Hey, un-knowledge, did you know that it was the conservatives that set the slaves free?
    Did you know that it was a black man that actually owned the first slave in the U.S.?
    Did you know that some white people were slaves also?
    Did you know that the first African black slaves were sold by their tribal chiefs to the rest of the world, and were already slaves in their tribes?
    Maybe, you should listen to Glenn Beck and learn soething!

  14. Knowledge says:

    Do you know anything about the history of American slavery or the slave trade that you did not learn from watching The Glenn Beck Show? If not, don’t bother me with elementary questionaires best suited for people who know even less than you. Sadly, those individuals exist. Luckily, they have you to keep them company.

    P.S. You better believe I know the answers to all the questions you posed, AND THEN SOME, and I'd be willing to discuss them with you when you’re ready for a real history lesson.


  15. Khodiyar Group says:

    There is a new publication out that reveals the lie that is Glenn Beck It's known as Typical Rubbish Glenn Beck and the Succeed of Lack of knowledge. it's well recorded and a very satisfied item of writing

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