A Fleeting Encounter

Hear me out for a minute; I wasn’t just thinking about me

I was thinking of my heartbreak and recent insecurity

I was thinking, damn, despite this, I’m feeling you immensely

Knowing I had baggage and honestly not wanting you to see

I didn’t want to share everything, embarrassed by my feelings

Wanting so badly to move on, but emotions held me back explicitly

It wasn’t what you were expecting

But instead what I gave freely

Nothing was forced

Never has been with you

Feelings of love can be shared between one, even two

It’s just the way of my nature, though it doesn’t halt the pursuit

We went on shopping sprees, inspired my new converse shoes

I allowed you to choose and that’s not something I usually do

It’s not about making anyone jealous

It’s overcoming old feelings and welcoming new ones

And girl I know you are honest

To the point of thinking you know every damn thing

Even when you are wrong

No matter how hard I tried to make you see

Couldn’t make you feel what was torturing me

For one

Your ingenuity was instantly attractive to me

Still is, to this day

I’ve always admired your golden girl, G

But whatever

You make it seem as if I was all about self

When we first started


Your own baggage was still stored on the shelf

Your rocky past was in the open; I witnessed it personally

Made a trip to that safe place with you

Showed I cared for your safety

You even commented on my poetry

Said she must have been special to me

Remember all those things you said

“Knowledge, I could love you so easily.”

I wasn’t craving attention or affection

They are outpourings I receive naturally

Trying to make her jealous of our connection?

Thinking you know how I felt… Hardly

I cared about what you thought of me

I wasn’t sure what you wanted in the beginning

So at first sight I resisted urges that were powerful and sexy

If you only knew the passion you concocted within my person that night

Although we persisted in due time

I remember those special places hiding delicately inside of you

The ones I tried to spare myself from getting further into

Don’t act clueless as to your own power

You know your seduction comes natural

When we met it was magnetic

No other words can quite explain the motions your curves were taking my body through

I never wanted any less for you

But it would’ve been nice to see your sappy side

And if everything wasn’t so bogged down in pride

‘Cause my emotions are unconditional

And that goes for my instant like of you

I know my feelings were mutual

But you weren’t completely honest either

While deciphering your poem’s hidden message

Your words poured the elixir of your ether

Yet our connection was undefined

Did that tell you anything sweetie?

How was I selfish when you were the one telling me

You didn’t care about any other women liking me

And maybe

I shouldn’t have assumed I was right

About anything

That you would ignore their affections for long

Instead you completely push me away

I guess we never had a proper chance anyway

Just know what I have told you as often as I can

I should have handled some things differently

This; I freely admit



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