I Want You

Let’s cut through the lyrical romance.

I’ve wined and dined, you know what comes next.

Do we satisfy the ultimate longing.

Or do what they do in the songs and tap dance.

I’d much rather hear you sing your heart out.

As I calmly eat my heart out.

Removing the angel wings from a good girl.

As I further wrap you up into my world.

You’ve got the perception that most others lack.

Or else they’re deceptive, putting on make believe acts.

But you, and all of your magnificent succulence.

You’re something like my kind of sweet rebellious Princess.

Skin as flawless as a diamond’s.

Glanced off the suns rays reflected.

And when it rains I still want you, especially.

I want our bodies in sync; outwardly projecting.

I want to satisfy every longing you’ve neglected.

Have you straddle my mental hustle, as lust keeps us neck to neck.

These muscles of mine never falter.

For you’re as light as a feather in my hands.

I want to overwhelm you with all of my love.

I want to put my spell on you so you’re at one with my touch.

Show you just how deep I’m feigning for you.

Put my heart into every pleasure I indulge in ’till I’m fulfilled.

Right to the heart of you.

Feel how badly I’m aching boo.

I’d let you dominate me, and penetrate my inner thoughts too.

I’m addicted to how your body moves.

How your legs naturally open as I push buttons meant to soothe.

My pretty little southern flower.

Exploding from the way that my fingers move.

I can’t stop rubbing and touching.

Don’t think I can stop even if I tried to.

I’d rather torture me than you because I don’t wanna make you feel uncomfortable.

I’d rather throb and ache and endure the worst of heart aches all because I’m in love with you.

Just to prove that my lust and love.

Go hand in hand, when it comes to you.

Woman. I’d do anything.

How else to explain this fiery passion that’s been bubbling to the surface ever since we began.

Just the thought of your short self and I succumb to your feminine being again.

You’ve got them organic skills; that killer seduction thing.

And the experience that comes with being a natural at loving me.

They don’t understand you as well as I do.

Don’t know that your mind’s constantly running in circles.

Like my tongue, when we fuck, and you’re begging me not to be so rough with you.

I am in love with more than just the good stuff too. I adore you for loving as easy as you do.

With understanding, yet you second guess every bad relationship you’ve been through.

Even my bad boi’s gone 360, brought me right back to me and you.

To have and to hold and to love ’till we’re old, as dust, that’s what we agreed to do.

I accept all of your baggage if you’ll accept mine too.

Stop being so rebellious, so damn fearless yet afraid of me.

Open your heart, girl, stop feeling ashamed of silly things.

‘Cause being feminine doesn’t mean that you can’t be as aggressive as me.

Or that you can’t handle my aggressive when I haven’t even touch the pussy.

Not only am I in love with your intellectual ecstasy.

I love your style, and the affect that your eroticism has on me.

You are a natural aphrodisiac.

You are my pleasure and that’s not just a fact.

I’m talking a lifetime of only feeling for you with lust and love and pain, in fact.

You light a fire in me that can only be extinguished with you performing your loving acts.

Doesn’t matter about the miles, they’ll never keep us apart as long as.

You are the muse beneath my ink: My Woman no matter what anyone thinks.

I am so consumed by desire for you, I can barely think, yet my writing’s inspired by you.

I welcome all thoughts that you arouse in me.

Because even when you ignore me, you are arousing me.




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    Wonderful site and theme, would really like to see a bit more content though!

    Great post all around, added your XML feed! Love this theme, too!

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