Just My ‘Magination

side1My imagination ran wild and while thinking freely
A fantasy of sorts rather overtook me
I wanted to pull no push you up against the wall
Unclasp no rip off your satin bra
And take pride in removing your sexy black thong
As I nibbled my way down to your polished toes
My teeth unzipped your jeans and into a corner they’re thrown
I gripped no wrapped my palms around your waist
Showed you whose boss while in your pre-erotic state
It made me wet to engulf your Mmm
Your pulse
While licking soft against your pink pearl tongue
I got lost in your sex just long enough
To let you think I wasn’t giving it to you rough
Bent you over the sofa chair and kitchen table 
Made love to you ‘till your g-spot was disabled
Made you squirm tremble and scream
It was I who took you took that place that evening
Where pleasure was more than a constant dream
And you covered no drenched me in your cream
My face and my fingers were inside you all three
Penetrated you in ways that only ignite my aggressive side
I gave it to you like this loving was made was out of spite
By the time it was over – our bodies spent
Woman I wanted to give you another orgasm
I wanted your nails to rewire the nerve system in my back
I wanted to play tonsil hockey with all of your sex
Call me the energizer bunny’s cousin
Cause I wanted to keep going and going
But never cross the finish line
Because baby you are my tortoise
Forgive my no holds barred imagination
Or my gruff descriptions of the love we were making
For in a verse of poetry you are more than just a few lines
What I do know is that making love to you was my pride
You are far more than just a bedridden fantasy
You’re my favorite sexual appetite and I’m feeling hungry




10 Responses to “Just My ‘Magination”
  1. Alix says:


  2. mspachy says:

    Mental, emotional, even visual titilation…I think I need some air.

  3. AJ the DJ says:

    You're not helping my mojo Knowledge. Classic!

  4. LaurynX says:


  5. Tami says:

    first, let me close my mouth.

    second, damn!

    third, keep ’em coming!!!

    wow. this is hot!

  6. BWABW says:

    I’m with Tami! Lol. This was hot indeed. I picture everything I read and this picture was oweeeee….

  7. tamara says:

    favorite line: "It made me wet to engulf your Mmm"

    I so thought I was the only one.

  8. Bee says:

    shouldaboughtahunda! lol I’ve never had my spot disabled..that must be nice!

  9. Chanel says:

    Let the church say AMEN!

    Wait, is that inappropriate for such a poem? lol

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