My Aries Taurus Cusp Has A Moon in Aquarius

My longest relationships have been with Tauruses. There is this deep, formidable, sensual reciprocity that knocks me off my feet with every connection. These bonds have withstood the test of time. There is no rushing in or out of relationships with Taurus women because affection and devotion come easy after love and trust is established, but it doesn’t just up and go away as easy as it comes. She takes her time when it comes to love, and when it rains down you don’t ever have to wonder where you stand with her. The huge appetite for intimacy inherent in me has been satisfied countless times by these earthy seductive creatures. Lots of physical and mental caressing is necessary, expressed, and well maintained in all my experience.

I feel a similar platonic connection to Taurus men and have found that they make for the best of male friends in my life. I’ve just never been able to keep one around long enough due to the fact that our interests and commonalities are so in tune they’d rather pursue a form of intimacy other than what’s been offered, to no freaking avail, obviously.

Ever see a Taurus in love? They’re unstoppable. My girlfriend and closest ex are both Tauruses. And how does one properly resist the charms of not only the bull but the bullfighter too – all wrapped up into one? It’s damn hard I’m telling you. I was born on April 20, the Aries – Taurus cusp, best known as the cusp of power. The attributes of both Aries and Taurus reside within. Part of me is on fire, and the other half remains on solid ground. And to be completely honest, that’s been the story of my life from as far back as I can remember.

Perseverance and determination mixed with a fiery spirit and unstoppable will has been a primary reason I’ve overcame and recovered from some of life and loves most destructive situations. Some I’ve placed myself squarely into with my eyes wide open. Guess which side has afforded me the most excitement? It’s the same one I’ve continually denied the better part of my life. I proudly refused to recognize certain aspects of my personality and the traits found within had everything to do with Aries dominance, impulsiveness and aggression.

When I  finally charted my date and time of birth, I discovered that my moon is in Aquarius. It explained some things. My dad’s an Aquarius-Pisces and I think it’s one of the biggest reasons we’ve been so close all my life despite his physical absence the second half of my childhood. He’s always been a constant in my and my siblings worlds however. My dad, the supportive, fun-loving, liberal parent, as opposed to my mom, the Sagittarius-Capricorn mother who exhibits the intensity of each and every one of the traits found within this sign to her very CORE. She sits atop the Cusp of Prophecy. ‘Nuff said.

I used to wonder where the hell I got all this charm from. And there were times when my mom would tell me I was too overbearing and too dominant, but… not assertive enough and not persistent in my endeavors and I’d think to myself…. “well, hell, how does one manage such a precarious mix of impetuous stagnation?”

My family signs:

Dad:  Aquarius- Pisces cusp
Mom:  Sagittarius-Capricorn cusp
Me:  Aries- Taurus cusp with Aquarius moon
Older Sister:  Cancer-Leo cusp
Oldest Brother:  Cancer-Leo cusp
Youngest Brother:  Gemini-Cancer cusp
Youngest Sister:  Sagittarius

Yes… my younger sister is the sanest one of all. With that said, I have a very close, ultra emotional and loving family. My role has always been that of both warrior and peace maker, diplomat and adviser to family and friends depending on the occasion.

It’s funny that  most of my life I’d proudly proclaimed myself a Taurus with no clear explanation for the detachment I felt for certain things and people, mirrored by impulsive acts that didn’t align with what I thought to be clear logical cognitive thinking. What I didn’t understand was that my fire side was always on reserve, always sizzling, and I’d brought it to the surface more than I cared to accept. Not so much out of sight, out of mind. It was more like if I don’t recognize this aspect of myself, how will I learn how to manage and deal with what results whenever it takes over.

I remember asking my mom for the exact time of my birth so I could chart my sign, and her reply went like this: “Sun, (her nickname for me) astrology is demonic (I don’t believe it is though!)  I don’t believe in it and neither should you,” which heightened my desire to do my own research. Afterall, knowledge is power and single-minded knowledge leads to narrow ideas and perspectives.

My relationships with my Taurus girls have not been free of the possessiveness and jealousy they’re known for displaying at times, but there’s another side that makes you forget all that. It’s the delicate, sultry, and downright submissive nature that is intrinsic in these women. I find the mental chemistry normally finds a way to supersede any pervasive negativity that threatens the bond.  Between the two, the relationships and intuitiveness at times requires no explanation as some things are best left unsaid. Some bonds just cannot be explained; they just are.




5 Responses to “My Aries Taurus Cusp Has A Moon in Aquarius”
  1. lezmama2be says:

    I thouroughly enjoyed this knowledge being a taurus woman myself! There is truth in that to which you speak but don't lump us all in one category. Sometimes the truth is staring you right in the face and your perceptive thoughts might overcome reality.

  2. mimi says:

    So I am a Sagittarius-Capricorn and my new guy is an Aries-Taurus…how do you think we will do?

    • Knowledge says:

      Just stay in your element, be light-hearted, daring and fun and he’ll love you. Find your commonalities and share your love of them… like nature, art, culture, good food, spontaniety, and no power-tripping, and you should do just fine together. Best of luck to you.

  3. lisa says:

    i was born april 23….my moon is also aquarius, this post really struck a nerve…knowledge, please email me,

  4. end of silence says:

    yeah i agree i find taurus to be attractive it,s the venus (goddes of love) in them in a artisitc view most taurus have the features of the venus de millo statue the eyes and stright nose i seen in taurus women i find them extremly attractive i am drawn to them i am also born of the cusp 4/19 10pm for the longest time i thought i was an aries till i checked my birthchart found out sun in taurus being born the cusps

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