Dream Girl

There is this image of you.. one of the very first, at least. I wanted to rip off that little nightie you had on with ease, but I didn’t. You were kind of leaning against the wall waiting for me to pass you by. I didn’t look at you as I walked, but I could feel you with my eyes. Yours were staring into mine, searching for recognition as I trespassed. I was hungering for you, but you already knew that. I could feel your seductive eyes drop down out of the corner of my own. I smirked but kept going toward the bathroom ’cause I had to use it, despite being horny as hell about what I really wanted to be doing. I love that you waited there until I was through. You were lazily leaning against the wall and I sauntered on over to you. Playful now. I wrapped my hands around your waist and oh how.. good it felt, I could feel you responding immediately. I did the same, but I tried my best to contain the urgency. It strained because you smelled so sweet and so fresh, like lavender combined  with just a touch of your sex. I pulled you close to me and then I buried my face in your neck. Pulling you tighter against me, as if you could get any more close than that. I let my hands drop further down… I needed a way stronger dose cause wow. Your moans and your body’s contentment set the stage for my addiction. Baby, you sent shivers all through me. My hands were finally on the prize. Fuck, even in my dreams dreams I’m reminded of your beauty’s constant shine. I’ve made loving you my duty. Feeling for the moment before you climax is something that just comes natural to me. Did I tell you how much I love the way you cum when we make love. The way you respond to all my wants and the intensity that derives from love. I wanted you so damn bad.. didn’t want to even think about going fast, didn’t want to rush right in and quickly finish what we just started… because to be honest, savoring every mouthful was what the both of us wanted. Primal urges take over sometimes and I tend to follow suit, and I love that you went right along with my flow, I really do. You allowed me to be our guide and put your aggressive to the side. But just so you know I also love it when you’re in control…  ’cause I take every aspect of the love we make in and out of bed in stride. I started kissing on your neck and heard little moans escape your lips. I didn’t wait for you to give me a peck back ’cause I was busy sucking on both of them. I was gentle but passionate and found myself seeing how far I could slide in… eventually tongue fucking you in some respects because I couldn’t make love to you like I really wanted. I savored the stimulation of my love muscle running circles around your tongue. I sort of shuffled your legs apart some ’cause I wanted to see how much you were turned on. You were soaking wet. Just like the first time we made love and discovered bliss… from the time I felt you cum against my tongue, and on the very tip. I gave my all to you, and I’m still feeling the effects of it. I was so tired from needing you, and wanting you ’cause that’s all I do. Every time I think about the first time I made love to you.. whew.

This is what you do to me in the dreams of my dreams girl.




One Response to “Dream Girl”
  1. lezmama2be says:

    All I can say is WOW…must be some type of woman

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