A Poem to Self

My healed black ego
Hides well under the scars
Placed carefully within
Misshapen bouts of depression
Can’t think clear enough
Through the emotional discarding
Of those well-sung lullabies
I used to sing myself at night
Flying through the open window
Out of a heavily burdened mind
Makes me thank God
For how feminine love makes me
Feels so free to alleviate
Any discord that plagues me
Like how the daily motions
of dallying in masculinity
Cause others to abhor
As if forced to cosign some obscenity
Yet with the flick of a wrist
I can go right back to being pretty
‘Cause I am female baby
I am all encompassing
I am… above all else
The only soul that can never deny me
But for the moment I am just a tomboy
And love makes me feel feminine
And masculine
And so wide open
I want to bask in it
‘Cause I’m comfortable
In my own skin now
Forget that mousy little quiet girl’s smile
… she was all me
And there is this strength in silence 
It’s as resilient as the sun is
Even in the midst of violence
Never forgetting that late spring
Was the moment my story began
I melted like chocolate into my heart
There existed no privacy
No prior knowledge to impart
No dead bolted doors
My soul was already unlocked
The key was all yours 
Though mind’s currently deadlocked
Calloused from years of playing
Too much hard ball
The cracks filled in the spaces
Where losses formed a cold heart
But I no longer allow
Old bruises to further fuel
No concessions
Plus my ego’s tall enough
To carry us through any storm 
No side-stepping
‘Cause love takes time 
And I give in to what’s mine, mi amore
Plenty of objectives to overcome
Heart’s sick and tired of being lonely
No longer afraid to open up
No emotions coming unrelenting
And to tell you the truth
Everything that’s good about me
I find it beating in a heart
That loves whether awake or sleeping




2 Responses to “A Poem to Self”
  1. Mellogyrl says:

    This is what happens when we stop showing the 10%(image/portrait) & add the other 90% and show the real deal to ourselves and others!!! we kind of realize who we are…though it's an on-going process.
    You are happy with who you are & therefore others will see something maybe several things in you that they admire/respect which may or may not turn into to some thing beautiful!!

    ♥ ♥ this one!!! 🙂 …another exceptional piece!!

  2. zya says:


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