Lost In Thought

Today, I sit and contemplate, and wonder to myself because my mind takes me all over the place on days like this. I dig deep within and get frustrated at the direction the world is moving in. I look at culture and politics, status and class, social-networking and relationships and I’m left with anger and frustration that I often want to take out on that unsuspecting victim who had the misfortune of saying or typing something completely asinine that I had the displeasure of reading. Then, there are times when I say or do something so stupid and at odds with reality that I feel as though I have no room to talk. So, nine times out of ten I fume in my head, I fume privately, and I am left with the knowledge that at times life simply sucks for everybody.

But not always. Thank God not always. The wonderment to be found in just living is a treasure that should be cherished with every opportunity. It’s not rocket science. It is what it is. Whatever gives you comfort, revel in it, but don’t hurt hearts or crack heads, your own or anyone elses. It all matters in the end.



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