Your Sexy Intellect

I always noticed you
My initial feeling was that you were dope
I loved how your thoughts processed
And how you played it like your were so… shy
I especially like it when
You casually bite your lip
While side eyeing something I just said
And all I probably want 
Is to be in between both of them
I like how you just showed up
Out of the blue you were on my mind
Came in without invitation
Like the first time we casually pried
You said you needed to talk
Something about a roller coaster ride
And it was time I let you have it
Heart beat too strong for you to hide
You said “boo I’m feeling you” and so I took your words in stride
“And hopefully you’re feeling me too, and you’ll let me stay a while.”
You were impatient so I licked my lips and whispered in your ear
“Where do you want to do this,” and you said “We can do it anywhere.”
So I touched you
Soft body tingling all the way through
Emotions running high
As dreams became reality boo
And you, a living breathing entity
So beautiful
You visibly
Molded us together
In the ways and waves of ecstasy
Pure pleasure..
As pleasurable..
And deep as a subterranean sea
I kissed you
And got so high
Like a bird soaring with twenty wings
Like soft words spoken lovingly
From one most high
Girl, you’re heavenly
I saw you floating
Fuck solid ground
I’d rather us be
On satin sheets
A top a bed of rose petal pillows
A cloud mattress witness to a stormy affair
Can’t do anything but billow
We’re making history here
Look how the skies lights’ flicker together
Displaying shadows as our bodies come hither
I made love to you
Caressed every follicle
Lit you on fire just so I could admire you
Slid against your slippery interior
Igniting all of my hot spots too
melting out a thawed out exterior
Methodically, we
fed off the flavor making love brings
Good and plenty
coexisting with lust
Loving so deep
You touched my souls gut
made it feel beautiful
soothed it with all of you
your teasing creating so much desire
There is the proof, what more is required?
motions spilling as our bodies stay gleaming
We came together yet bodies stayed needing
words no longer had any meaning
More than just that transpired between you and me
I kept receiving what you were giving
and like sensual hunger, we
became one with each other
fulfilled pleasures brought on by
Six dimensional lovers 
Cravings best expressed physically
‘cause our minds been made up
Long before kisses entered into our dreams
And they stay put




3 Responses to “Your Sexy Intellect”
  1. YaGirlNextDoor says:

    This is a very sexy piece of work. I love how it’s a built up anticipation that’s unacknowledged but at the same time noticed. That’s always been when the hottest moments take place.

  2. Knowledge says:

    I thank you for indulging.

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