Things Fall Together

Nick Keppol

Nick Keppol

I admit our misunderstanding was striking. In one fell swoop I went from aroused to feeling your feisty. I was chillin’ on the couch… laying half-naked, I’ll have you know. So when you asked, “what are you doing,” I could barely open my mouth. When stiffled chuckles spouted out. I sat there thinking, for a moment or two before answering. I worried that my current predicament would be tempted with sultry words coming fromlips. But somewhere along the way I took a wrong turn. We were back at Jump Street. It was so absurd. I said the wrong thing and your head was spinning. Then I lost you by wrongly assuming. Thinking you had been paying close attention to me. I thought I could feel you reminiscing, but no. You couldn’t see how the things we dreamed before we wound up in that space, well; those things were for us. For you and me, bae. No foreign bodies could relate anyway. I told you; if only you could see me then you’d be laughing too. I was two levels of exposed. And like some magical fairy or tale you were there in my ear.

*silent yell*

Couldn’t you tell? I talked tough to cover up my exposed outer shell. I was all the way uncovered but hell I wound up on your dark side anyway. Although my thoughtless inaction landed me right… smack… dab… in the midst of wanting you with such a fiery passion. And regarding our energy. Dark or light, just consider this. Why would my uncomfortable circumstance discourage me from showing you how strongly I was attracted? It wouldn’t, yet you no longer believed in our dreams. And that only made one of us, fortunately. I am the consummate lover in the truest sense of the verb. My emotions go hard. I don’t take any prisoners. I don’t need any hating on my attempts at mating either, but that’s beside the point of these unspoken words. No other can try to explain my situation as if their minds are situated in my personal space.

[Post Haste] … [No Wait]

I clawed at the seams trying to scratch my way out of the uncertainty surrounding our conversation. When finally, you stopped following me, and I knew you couldn’t feel my mind power any longer.

[Insert Ego Chip]

‘Cause I was naked and exposed, but I’m no coward, you know. I’m gonna say what’s on my mind because I still can feel your soul. My only wish for you is to continue being as strong as you are beautiful. Meanwhile I’ll just sit back and watch Mercury to do it’s thing as its retrograde leaves me changed.



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