Of All Things

Sensitive yet proud
are the feelings
that carry us
Drifting entirely through tiny boxes
Oh what irony
When love of all things
Leaves hearts fluttering
I confess to embracing it
Holding onto the message
My distant longing once met
And I suspect there are others
Unbeknown to me
I see them in your eyes
The hurt is stifling
But I smooth it over
In attempts to set you free
We play kissy face
While philosophizing theories
About vast bodies
And how a hole resides in me
From over indulging in earthy wants and needs
But I never stopped loving
At any time
I also confess
To entering rooms better left
Locked up and key-less
So I’d no longer wrap
Poems around shoulders
Just to keep myself warm
After locking your door
I feel everything
Just as strongly
You think you can see
But I feel soul deep
And if only you didn’t appear familiar
As your body language
You would see that I need
You to stay
Throwing me off kilter
Love finds a way
I’d walk in shoes without souls
To pick up on the queues
You been gesturing in bold
It took a lifetime
For your love notes to come through
I read them front to back
And like a mystery
of bottled emotions
Drifting out to sea
Just know… I know
Your fire rages deep
How easily you make them believe
That fiery reserve
Ain’t reserved for me
But unlike them I’m no follower of rules
I don’t fall for just anything
I’m no average fool
Plus the landing might sting
If the fall is too long
As impatient as you are with life
You are too, in love
But I wait anyway
To see what’s beneath
When you surface again
It’s your pearl I seek



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