Angry Contemplation

break-up-main_fullI was reading Alix’s latest blog and I started to reflect on past breakups I’ve had  and as I reflected on the worst of the worst I remember how…

A dark cloud looms above as toxic rain falls reminiscent of lost love
My heart so full it could burst straining against my chest in remembrance of her
Wanting to erupt with intensity as my eyes water at the thought of my lost heart to be
Yet all I’m left with is words and poems and a hurt that crumbles my broken heart’s bones
Am I the only one paralyzed by your lack of concern and distant uncaring eyes
I am choked up at my thoughts and at the same time sick at the prospect of losing us
I am a poet because of you we used to click like a pair of magic ruby shoes
We lived and breathed and communicated our needs and wants and desires and passions were freed
But now darkness looms and there is nothing left but rage and anger and a lasting emptiness
I want to wound you now with words and poems while wielding pencil sharpened sticks and stones
I want to extract lusts revenge and crush you like an infidel would to an enemy combatant
Yet I’m at the mercy of my own composition the responsible orator of loves emotional end

There is life after love. There is love after love. Breakups can easily make us think we will never love again. The power of emotion can sometimes be overwhelming, but our capacity to love is endless. It invents itself,  and you know something…

I figure I’m not the first to deal with your broken heart
To fix back together all the fragments torn apart
To remind you of true love no matter how it feels tastes and sounds
Convincing you I’m worth the effort and with full circle I come around
But it is I who wants to take it upon myself to break down your walls
Relieve your anger and sorrow mixed up emotions and mistrust
That makes it hard for you to love again
Allow me to be the last to appreciate you as more than just a pleasure for my senses
Someone who allows the mistakes to interface with the good takes
And direct our hearts ’till they are once again content
Allow me to show you how truly troubling this predicament has left not only you
But also the author of your former love spoof
I digress
For who do I think I am
Feeling the need to behoove upon you my sensibleness
It says so much about the person that defines me
Still I define us as something akin to
Her and I
Together again
Yet for the very first time
So why had I never known such a presence as yours before mine
You cause my mind to palpitate vigorously at the directions of anger and mistrust
And Dire Knowledge
That love might have ceased to exist within us
Conversation digressed with expressions of loneliness and peace
Memories of our brief but opalescent eternity
I don’t think either of us can simply let the other be
Not now at least





4 Responses to “Angry Contemplation”
  1. AJ the DJ says:

    Swarm of emotions sits in the throne of this. Very good curve of verbage. Five (5) stars.

  2. Alix says:

    I was all prepared to apologize for depressing you, but since you flipped that energy into something creative, I won't apologize at all.

    On a side note, every time I come here, the layout is different. We have similar tastes. I almost used this one myself…

    • Knowledge says:

      lol… had you settled on this one I'd probably be using the church theme. I loved your layout from jump so I checked out his other themes before settling on this one. l'm feelin' it. Thanks for the "almost" apology although completely unnecessary even without the creative spark.

  3. Chanel says:

    Mannn. No words right now. No words. Love this piece.

    “I want to wound you now with words and poems while wielding pencil sharpened sticks and stones”

    Ditto. Just…ditto dammit. [sigh]

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