How’s Life Cheating You

Two years in review and much has changed
Opportunities arise on a daily base
And still I put myself out there
Unafraid to take blame
Of my past indiscretions
And the danger I faced
When I came clean about cheating
I’ll never forget the day
Drove over to my mistresses place
I had a lot to say
When I got to the door I heard the music escaping
The sounds of making love from their lips dissipating
She arrived at the door and let me in, all kissy faced
I could tell she’d been sexing by the image on display
I could see it in her face, derived by the look in her eyes
Her bedroom door remained closed
That was clue two — so said I
She asked why I came
So I showed her my keys
And reminded her that I paid half the rent
So to speak
The truth of the matter was she got caught with her panties down
With her new fling in the bedroom where they went all the way downtown
They took a bite out of the pie that I had been baking all year
I got exactly what I deserved – karma was playing on my fears
I Got Pimp Slapped
To be honest – I deserved far worse than I feared
I should have saved myself the trouble
Walked and wallowed in tears
But I couldn’t lie any longer
I’d done enough lying for too long
No matter how potent my tongue game
The pull of her thong was more strong
And my girlfriend was broken
From all of the women I had done wrong
I was lying to myself, even as I kept falling
Baggage flying off the shelf where I had previously installed it
But no landing strip in sight despite many sad songs, and
I told on myself to save you all the trouble
I rode by myself, regret that I ever succumbed to
Loving and losing oneself, that’s what it all boils up to
I learned that I was both Master and Fool
When my emotions overpower, and are clearly on the move
I wondered what it was I sought
You wondered why it couldn’t be you
But I always aim free and see everything right through
Beyond the surface of wanton preference
Beyond regulations and rules
Stereotypical statements of reverence
Beyond those lacking broad minded views
Filling voids through intellectual lessons
Acrobatics expressed half-truths
Countenance met with sentiments
No longer allowed to falsely excuse
My imperfections as dutiful
Like the times I failed to refute
The first thing I noticed about her, and how it wasn’t her high-heeled shoes
Not her poetic mind either, she made a much better muse
How sweet words she conjured in kind
Begot others kindness in tune
No ruse at putting up false pretenses
Love saved before it was duped
In time to turn the first page
Proof what’s been written is true
Addicted to a concept called love
I turn another page; my ink runs
I see a name, etched on a face, too slight to touch
Two new smiles rise like the sun
Over again we’re falling in love
I was taken back by the lingering tingling welcoming of
Feelings evoked from a kiss had me shouting above
Oh how breathless I’d become,
and at times pause to let in another gust
But it was really to reminisce
To overstand that original love
Always overcomes original sin
And my spirit had been damaged enough
But still, you let me in
It begged and pleaded for forgiveness
And in your sanctuary we began again
Fortunate for me, all roads, in vain, don’t end
All told, considering, I can only shake my head
All points, instead, lead right back to you
Pompous pedestals placed up high; eschewed
Come sit atop it, woman, and so you do
No longer a constant gnawing at hurting you
Promises no longer empty and made too simply
To overcome one heart just to get over on the next piece
Your love was enough through and through
You did nothing wrong
But I thought my words would flow tip of tongue
Like beautiful rough pieces of uncut diamonds
Everyone knows the tale about a girls best friend
But not everyone knows that it’s not always diamonds
Perhaps a new beginning is what she wishes for instead
Maybe the love of a poet, for others would probably take a pass
But not my love who saw me for more than I represented
Beyond all the worldly materialistic shit
Together again, we make each day worth a million, and
No matter what we’re presented with
Life no longer cheats, it lives
I’m no more allowing it



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