Heart Inscribed

I love the feeling
of you wrapped into me
Intricately, night after night we seam
So connected that we’re threaded
And it’s not only in our dreams
We contest what needs professing
And take each other to extremes
Having never explored the other
Do you remember when we
Frolicked and played amidst disorder
Learning one another intimately
Wondering how your needs so easily became
My spirit’s feed for survival like African game
Like subterranean vessels we keep steady underway
Keeping our passion strong, we let no others forsake
Refusing to let another partake in
Throwing our motion off track just for a passionate stake in
It’s undeniable that your caress takes me to another place
And the beauty found within you often lightens a darkened way
Another hour, another day, my minutes get counted in rewind
You make me want to revert the flux
Experiencing wants I never desired
And I know that I can be a little hard on you sometimes
But my heart is soft with its constant want 
Of you; my sights set far and wide
A long time coming ’cause love takes time
Amidst each crevice, my heart’s inscribed




One Response to “Heart Inscribed”
  1. katie says:

    i love it

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