Video: The Birth of Zoey

The drive to the hospital was quiet and surreal and over in a relatively short time. The music coming from the radio was upbeat, in stark contrast to the darkness that surrounded us at that early morning hour. I felt as if I was floating with no place to land, but I didn’t want to land just yet. Everything had been leading up to this moment. I was about to become a parent and as long as everything went according to plan, I was ready for whatever was in store that day. For I knew my life was about to be completely changed forever.

This video tells a story; our story. I hope you enjoy it.





8 Responses to “Video: The Birth of Zoey”
  1. wazi says:

    Fam how does it feel being a parent? you did it!!!! I am so confident that you will be the best parent for Zoey. I can’t say Congrats enough…. love ya Fam

  2. BWABW says:

    What a beautiful baby and family. Congrats and welcome baby Zoey! 🙂

  3. Vanessa says:

    oh my goodness ….how did i miss this… zoey is going to love watching this… so beautiful! made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside…having baby fever lately lol

  4. ChocoKat says:

    This made me cry!!
    It brought out so many emotions. God bless you. Im continuing to wish you the best. Hows it going so far?

  5. Belladante says:

    Ooohhh how exciting…..but not much sleep. So thanks so much for your helpful suggestions & sharing your stories. It’s such a glorious time, too short not to embrace….

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