Deciphering A Purpose

Every day I reflect on the person I am becoming.
A constant work in progress I used to call myself, but it’s more like a constantly evolving process in which I’m resolving my former doubt – living life as I know how.
There are times when eliminating toxic things and people from my world take their toll.
But I work on becoming a better me anyway because no one’s path is paved in gold.
I work on recognizing my thoughts, feelings, wants and needs for what they are and addressing them accordingly.
I accept the things I cannot change and change the things I can when I’m avoiding complacency.
Is life meant to be enjoyed or is it a discovery of sorts… that will constantly leave you wondering what else there is in store.
It is meant to be questioned, challenged, debated and argued about.
It is meant to be a learning journey, a perpetual adventure for knowledge or doubt.
In depth or not, when we come to the end of our road are we supposed to be able to walk away from it all?
With the knowledge that our existence made a difference, no matter how big or small?
It means something to more than just friends and family and the odd stranger we run across along the way.
Paying it forward is life’s biggest reward – and presents an unexpected payday.
Doing nice things for random people and expecting nothing in return – now that’s an exceptional display of human nature at its most basic form.
Speaking up when injustices occur. Takes bravery and courage. Not becoming the root cause of our problems, just like with happiness, means moving forward.
Every one of us, fighting daily battles to overcome and advance in the struggles for and against and for what?
Strengths and weaknesses are put to the forefront and wrestled with every day.
The grind is constant, like prophets and the many sights they’ve seen (scene) and played.
We are always being watched; observed and whether or not we recognize it, these occurrences hold special importance for each and every one of us.
Our ancestors are watching, believe it or not.
There have been times where I have given no care in the world and have subsequently done things I am most definitely ashamed of.
I wonder, will they still embrace the love that lives within my heart, dispersing itself to all my nerve endings… is the finish dictated by the start.
Deep regret was a distant but close relative of mine and in the same vein love overcomes all of that in time.
Regret, but restart your engine please.
Begin again regardless of any pending vacancy.
It’s important to care and equally so is the importance of fostering meaningful friendships on a level that’s fair. Where all is equally laid to bare.
More so is the importance of sometimes doing things you don’t want to for the greater good, i.e. fostering kinship’s. Pulling myself out of the occasional rut; a key component to success so when I’m in that rut and doing terribly I can ask,  “why is this?” and know exactly why this is.
Achieving takes more than believing. When I get stuck, I have to patiently become undone using whatever it takes. Whether it be blood or spilling my guts, peeling off the outer shell before cracking more nuts.
Because it’s so easy to get stuck and feel helpless when you know all that you can accomplish can only be done when you are selfless.
Embracing my fears, while remaining fearless. Unafraid of shedding tears, because showing emotions is courageous. Peer pressure can bear down and cause the opposite effect.
When buried at the root, that’s where you’ll find the isolated problem, and what can happen is that we start looking for someone or something to lift us up without lifting a hand to assist with it ourselves.
We should be looking to our God or some other higher power or whoever it is we believe in, not only to give us strength, but to help us find the power within ourselves to carry on and persist.
To live. To exist. The best lessons are learned hardest and I’m certain I’ll have to teach myself most of the important ones all over again.
And mostly for love when the lack of it is threatening.
It’s necessary to do this when we forget how to exist.
How to put forward our best foot and allow the other to create its own footstep.
Like my dad sometimes says, “we often revert back to the fundamentals no matter what the discipline.”
The fundamentals align with the bigger picture and we expand upon them.
Every single day, expounding upon the basics so to say.
It’s important that we practice taking the necessary steps to ensure that we possess the ability to dig so deep within  that we feel as if we might become lost in the bottom.
And although we know exactly what’s needed to reach into that place and then back out of that sometimes unsavory space, we do it anyway.
Use that power and energy… to pull ourselves out of the quick sand because life is short and goes by too fast.
And like quick sand if you’re not fast enough you can sink right in.
Everyone deserves happiness and contentment, but not at the purposeful disadvantage of others, even ourselves and how we’re living.
No exceptions.
Life, for everyone, is not whole, but life as a whole is a work in progress for all to dig our heels in, but don’t forget to alleviate our stress.
Answer the call.
On a continuum of continuity. That there’s life. It goes on, infinitely.
And there’s nothing, not a damn thing wrong with accessing the full potential of the human genome.
Our bodies, ourselves –  following a natural pursuit of using life as a tool bodes well.
Ironically, that is exactly what happens whether or not we stop to acknowledge and pay tribute to our prowess, especially if it is of the good variety.
Everything we do in life harbors growth.
Spirit, energy, it never dies, and is always searching, for another place another time – another life or an alternate purpose.
Every time we love it is passed on to the next person – place or thing. It’s never too far gone from life’s quilted seams.
Every moment of our lives can be penetrated and what’s derived is the very best and worst that our souls have sacrificed in payment.
With every breath drawn, a canvas is created and artistry never knew such a beautiful diversion until our last breath drawn out makes every moment spent on this earth and beyond…
Most truly worthwhile.




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