The Darkness Surrounding the Light of Day

It was surreal to be honest
Of the vast desolate silence in the house
The only noises felt were within rays
Streaming in from above
Shining in through the skylight window you so love
So much for camping and road trips and festivals to come
Oh Clark Street – you must have known this was our summer
What our plans consisted of
And with it, I understand why the knowledge hit so hard
I live in similar fashion
Full of direction
Full of love
But at the same time – passionate
Like a punch to the gut
But the light eventually retreated its expose
Fresh dried tears wiped away
I waited to compose
A special hug
I remember holding you close
My arms like the darkness
A double dose heavily descended
Embracing no underlying pretensions
I tried to awake from this most peculiar dream
I captured thoughts but
Couldn’t repel what plagued me
I was left wondering
Is this real – or am I dreaming
The logic of the diagnosis still alien to me
The most I did was breathe
To prevent myself from heaving
Heavy heartache surrounded
The tumor was all I could see
Awkward in nature and blindly exposed
And from that vision there was no console
No one could know how our thoughts water flowed
How you inspire so many with
Countless somethings wonderful
If only it hadn’t taken me this long to know
To realize my purpose – so foreign then
One that I failed to logically comprehend
Be still your weary soul
I seal it onto my own – append
This bond knows no fear so our fear is unknown
And with my purpose finally cemented
I leap with faith constantly replenished
Cause when the curtains fold
Like in the plays of old
We anxiously await the intermission



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