The Transformation of Lives

How is it
That in such a short time
You have produced a fear
That has crippled our stride
As I watched my baby’s face succumb
To news neither of us were expecting
We became numb
Breast cancer
the diagnosis
It was confirmed to us
It had dug in its trenches
Tracked footprints across
Our hearts, beating away
Never detached for naught
As we prayed for an answer
I felt the suns rays
I’ll never forget that day
and I’ll never forget this fight
Against a terrible nightmare
dreaming away precious life
But we will fight against it
the call has been heard
In our minds and our hearts
we will not be deterred
As I stand here in her firmly planted footsteps
Life takes on new meaning
And we trudge straight ahead
For there are no backtracks
We are forever glued
Coping with these cancerous radiant blues
She brings joy to so many
but now with you
The greatest joy to come
when you no longer constitute
When your deadly rampage is no longer ensued
With a body tired
and a soul weakened by battle
In this moment I stand tall
For her – in spite of you
When I made her rest her weary soul upon me
I wanted to carry her burden
Because she is deserving
Of my strength and courage
my most prominent ingredients
So I come equipped for
A battle of epic proportioning
Ready to beat the crap
Out of the fear that grips me
I remind myself daily
Of all the things cancer cannot impede
It cannot quell our spirits
It cannot destroy our faith
It cannot dispel the hopes
We placed in dreams of yesterday
It cannot still our passion
Nor our love of life and love
The only way it can win is
If we allow it to, my love




One Response to “The Transformation of Lives”
  1. Mello says:

    *hug* Lovely piece hun!!

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