Gay Marriage and Using The Bible as a Crutch for the Mentally Impaired

For gays and lesbians, true human equality will be achieved when each and every one of us is given the opportunity to enjoy one of the most sought after benefits and rewards of lasting love – and that is marriage. Religion often plays a major role in the joining together of two souls in a union of love, so it never comes as a surprise when some so-called Christian’s weigh in with explanations of why they believe that disallowing gay equality, i.e. marriage, etc, is a matter of utmost importance.

Their opinions, however wayward, are usually filled with your run of the mill bigoted hypocritical sentiments such as “love the sinner – not the sin,” while assuring us that they aren’t the confused damn fools they make themselves out to be for conveniently leaving out parts of the bible they find irrelevant. Is it not evident that discrimination of any form breeds more discrimination. Sadly, it’s as if the religious right, which constitutes a considerable collective of the Black Church, hasn’t learned some important history lessons relating to bigotry and hypocrisy that have been harshly taught through the ages.

(Queue American’s celebrating their newly fought freedom from the British at the end of the Revolutionary War, while slavery was in full affect in the South in America.)

It’s as if their idea of Christianity, taught to black slaves by ancestral slave masters who wanted to “save their souls” while forbidding them from following the religious practices of their forgotten native homeland – Africa, is the one and only way and it is all they know.

Newer generations of well intentioned followers are still being bamboozled. It’s safe to say that if every active gay black church member had the courage to come out of the closet, the black Church or “Spiritual Body” as a whole, as they like to be called, would be left in a state of complete and utter shock, and the move would effectively silence most of the anti-gay bigotry preached from the pulpit.

We are all made in God’s image, and since God is love why would he condemn His people for wanting to express and share that God given affection with another human being? The notion that he would send anyone to hell for doing so is absolutely ridiculous, which is understandably a terrifying concept for the average Christian in-name-only to comprehend.

“Homosexuality is found in over 450 species. Homophobia is found in only one. Which one seems unnatural now?”

image by Ryan Grant Long




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