Re-Introducing Rebel & Rene

I’m not easily impressed, but I was impressed from the start with her ability to captivate an audience with a unique writing style full of prose, poise, and excellent story telling. Her pen carried with it a certain grace that was evident to me, and many others by the looks of her comment section, from the start. While I tend to be long-winded in my writing, she would seemingly get straight to the point, not concerned with beating around the bush unless there was a bush that needed beating. One thing that stood out was how I would never get bored of her posts no matter how many of them I’d read.

Reading about the events that happen in ones personal life can become a compulsion, as bloggers who write about their personal lives know all too well. I try to shield my readers from my life as much as possible, but I do thoroughly enjoy being the documentarian and historian of my own slice of life where no one can mitigate or elaborate on my experiences as well as I.

I found within A Brown Girl Gone Gay writing that exhibited that same determined drive. She told her stories and experiences in a way that others could relate to over and over again, and that is the primary key to being a successful writer and blogger. On top of being balanced, poignant, passionate, and extremely artistic, of course.

Fast forward: One year ago.

I was approached by Alix, the writer and blogger from A Brown Girl, about a short story series she wanted to collaborate on for her online literary magazine The series would be a romantic drama of sorts centered around two distinctly different characters telling the same story, but in their own words.

I was flattered by the offer, having never written any serious fiction before. I was ready to take up the challenge, and so I accepted. It was then that we began writing the beginnings of the series we now know as Rebel & Rene. It is a monthly feature on the site and it’s one of many short story series currently featured.

I’m proud of the story we’ve breathed life into. I’m happy to add that after a few months of hiatus we are ready to begin where Rebel and Rene left off last year. The series will start exactly where it stopped and you can look for it on I Bleed Ink every 2nd Saturday of the month.

Writing this story has helped me redefine a word that has been a part of my vocabulary ever since I realized I was the shortest person in my family. I’m referring to the short in short story. Although writing short stories was not my forte, she wanted to work with me anyway. And while hesitant as hell, I challenged myself to step outside of the comfort zone shop I set up long ago and embrace something new. Short story writing cannot be accomplished without focus, dedication and attention to detail. The length of my first draft is laughable when I look back now, but Alix did no such thing upon reading it, I’d like to believe.

And so the story of Rebel and Rene began, and now continues as their journey takes them places they never expected.

To give you an idea of how the story is told, here’s a taste.

Please do enjoy.


Taking a deep breath, I rushed out of the powder room bumping into a customer in my haste. A tall customer with hazel eyes and locs. Any other day, I would have flashed her my dimpled smile, but I wasn’t my normal flirtatious self. She placed her hands on my hips to steady me as I felt myself ankles wobble courtesy of my ridiculous 6 inch stilettos. Her hands were warm at my waist and even in my grouchy mood, I couldn’t help but notice how the finger tips of her hands almost met. Gotta love a girl with big hands.

“Oh, excuse me!” I said, as I tried to talk myself out of blushing. My cheeks weren’t listening.

“Excuse me, too, beautiful.” She spoke and I found myself looking into thickly lashed hazel eyes. I put an extra swing in my hips as I glided away from her, causing my dress to flow around me. I looked behind me, catching her smirking at my swaying my ass. I rolled my eyes. Pervert, I thought with a smile.


As I entered [the bathroom], a short, petite, pale-skinned sales girl was exiting. We bumped into each other hard as I reflexively reached down to steady the camera hanging from my neck. I thought she was going to stumble so I grabbed her around her waist and pulled her toward me to steady her gait.

I felt my face get all hot and my head rushed a little while I considered, for a moment, how good my hands felt around her tiny waist, before quickly retracting them.

”Oh, excuse me!” she exclaimed, in a southern drawl that I just knew had to be exaggerated ‘cause whoa. I hadn’t heard an accent that heavy, deep, and sexy since I first watched True Blood.

I said, “Excuse me, too, beautiful,” as she slipped past me and headed toward the front of the boutique. I watched her hips and ass sway as she walked away. She turned and saw me staring before I caught her roll her eyes as she turned around and continued on.

Make sure you catch Rebel & Rene every 2nd Saturday & Sunday of the month on  I Bleed Ink beginning June 10th!




2 Responses to “Re-Introducing Rebel & Rene”
  1. Alix says:

    Sadly, I've never read this post. As I sit here blushing, I would like to let you know that I admire your word play and I've always felt confident of what our combined talents could create. It's been a pleasure. When you're ready to continue telling this story, all you have to do is say the word…

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