Interview With Osama Bin Laden’s Former Mistress Kola Boof

She is an Egyptian/Sudanese-American, award-winning novelist, poet, television writer, activist, and one of the many women entangled in the life of one of America’s Most Wanted Individuals – Osama Bin Laden. Kola Boof, mistress and confidant of the well-known terrorist responsible for the many lives lost during the 9/11 World Trade attacks, came out not long after the death of Osama, revealing their insane relationship that began with the rape he conducted against her the first night they met.

She describes “Somi” (her nickname given to Osama) as a “monster, genius, poet, racist, woman-basher, very passionate, deeply sensitive, and confused” human being. She also speaks about his love of Western Culture –including an obsession with singer, actress, Whitney Houston – and Marijuana.

What has twitter been like for you?

Twitter brings the whole world together, but it’s been awful for me because I can write in English faster than I can think in English. I tell too much I’m afraid.

Can you give us a brief history of your life..for our readers who don’t know who you are?

I am an Egyptian-Sudanese-American novelist and poet. I was born in Omdurman, Sudan and my birth parents were murdered when I was six for speaking out against slavery and genocide in Sudan. I was then let for adoption and ended up with a Black American family in Washington,D.C. in 1979. I was eight and I grew up in America as an out-patient in Psychiatric Care. I credit the love of my Black American parents with saving my life and my sanity. I have become a successful television writer and novelist but most people know me right now because of Osama Bin Laden.

In 1993 after getting my American citizenship, I traveled back to North Africa and became a model and actress. I was young and dumb and became the mistress of Sudan’s Vice President Hasan al Turabi and later Osama Bin laden. Hasan mentored Osama and the son of Hasan, Isam, was Osama’s closest friend. The relationship was against my will but I have not denied doing everything I could to make Osama happy because I feared for my life.

A diplomat of the Sudanese government (Nadeem Gamal Ibrahim Quttub) wrote a book claiming you married Bin Laden, that you had a child with him and that you were happy. Mr. Quttub says  that you’re just pretending to hate Osama because you’re in America.

That’s completely false. His entire book is a lie. I have never loved Osama and I was never his wife.

When you heard the news of Bin Laden’s death how did you feel?

I felt a huge range of things. It’s hard to say to an American audience what I felt…they wouldn’t understand all of it. But I am glad he’s dead and I applaud President Obama for making the world a safer place. There is a misconception that I loved Osama and that’s not true. I never loved Osama. I had to survive and thus I did whatever was necessary to do that. Many have misconstrued my articulation of his complexity as romantic love. It’s more pity and compassion, because I actually knew him as a person long before he was famous.

Do you feel like the U.S. Had the right to go into Pakistan to find Bin Laden?

Humans never have the right to do anything on either side, so I will not take sides. All men are guilty of everything we’re suffering.

pic from othervoicespoetry.orgWhat kind of relationship did you and Osama Bin Laden have?

It started very abusive with rape. Then out of fear for my life I did everything to please him; I catered to him. It lasted for six months and it changed constantly. We had a lot of sex, but I also accompanied him and his men on hunting expeditions every Friday at Dahkla and we wrote poetry together. He liked to smoke a lot of weed and ramble for hours about how the world would be once he saved us by forcing the planet to become Muslim.

Did you know about his 3 other wives?

He had four wives in 1996 when I knew him. As far as I knew, they were in Khartoum. The lead wife, Najwa, hated me and tried to be difficult to no avail.

Recently you sent out a pic that showed nudity on twitter..would you say you’re comfortable with your body?

I come from a Nilotic river culture in Sudan. I don’t see nudity as sexual or particularly unconventional. I believe it’s an abomination for a woman’s breasts to be covered. I am a Womanist.

How people first react to you when they found out you were Osama Bin Laden’s mistress?

At first, because they only had my birth name…Naima Bint Harith, they were very professional and serious. I was treated with utmost respect. But after they saw that I was Black, and as many stated, not even Mixed Black…they became hostile and very cruel. Particularly Peter Bergen, a supposed Bin Laden expert, who makes his fortune writing books about Osama. He did a smear campaign against me and was very cruel and punishing. He said that I was jeopardizing the credibility of the books he’d already written. Americans didn’t want a Black woman to be called Egyptian for some reason. That was another issue. Derrick Bell, the famous American legal scholar told me that they didn’t want to put a Black face on Egypt.

In the raid..they found a huge cache of porn..was Osama a porn addict?

He loved sex period, but he was deeply ashamed of it. His men watched the porn probably more than he did. But yes, he watched. He had a thing for Whitney Houston and to a much lesser degree Julia Roberts and Iman. But that movie “The BodyGuard” was a big deal with Osama. He watched it all the time. He obsessed over Whitney Houston and rambled on about kidnapping her one day.

What’s something about Osama Bin Laden that people may not know?

That he rarely ever yelled. He was extremely sensitive and very soft spoken. He cried once when I saw him order someone in Ethiopia to be killed. He was a genius intellectually, he had a huge heart…but our Arab culture…and I can say this because I’m half Arab. Our Arab culture and the Islamic religion creates the breeding ground for this delusional type of warfare and machismo. Osama was a victim of Arab Islam as far as I’m concerned.

How has your life changed since your newfound fame? Better or worse?

My life is simply different. I am not comfortable in public, I fear for my children and we live in hiding. We move a lot. I am trying to continue my literary career with my latest novel, The Sexy Part of the Bible. It’s getting rave reviews and I’m glad that so many Black women love this book.

Do you like hip-hop music? If yes..who’s your favorite artists?

I like the old school hip hop. I grew up on KRS ONE, MC Lyte, Eric B. and Rakim. I guess Lauryn Hill would be my favorite hip hop artist.  But what I hate about Hip Hop culture is the chronic Colorism, the Anti-Black imagery in the videos and magazines. They all want to be White, everything is all about
Mulatto women, they’re all fake and bling bling. I don’t enjoy the Anti-Black images and the hatred for the mother of our race, the Dark skinned black woman. She is the real true Black woman, the Mother of Africa and all humans. It’s a disgrace that she is not celebrated as young, beautiful and hip and hopping because she’s the eternal goddess. Don’t give a fuck what rappers say. They’ve become the new White trash.

What are your future plans? Any movies or documentaries in the works?

The rights to my autobiography, “Diary of a Lost Girl” are up for sale and I hope to see it made into a movie. I want Naomie Harris to play me. If not her, then I really believe the model Naomi Campbell should be given a chance. She’s interested in the part.

Eso Won Books in Los Angeles has banned your new novel “The Sexy Part of the Bible.” Why did they do that?

They haven’t given any answer other than they feel that I hate Black men and mixed race/biracial people—which is totally not true. But from earlier novels I’ve written, they feel that I unfairly attack Black Men and that my refusal to see Mixed people as Black means I hate them. It doesn’t. No one in Africa sees Mixed/Biracial as Blacks. Period. It’s an African thing its not personal. I love anyone who loves me.

Any shout-outs or acknowledgments that you’d like to do?

Yes, a shout out to Johnny Temple, publisher of Akashic Books, for making my latest book “The Sexy Part of the Bible” available in England and Africa. It reveals the horrors of skin bleaching in African cultures and that’s a story that needs to be examined. I also thank him for letting Jesus be Black and leaving the controversial sex scene with Jesus in. Many find the book shocking, but it’s important to challenge the status quo and to make new artistic expressions.

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    God it's scary. I mean I'm not ready for this revelation, the whole thing. About what kind of person Bin laden is and the kind of book Kola writes. I'm sorry but I really can't accept this.

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