Knowledge Evolves In Search of Truth

My quest for knowledge revolves around the search for truth, pure and unadulterated. Consequently, the quasi-knowledge I once held evolves while in search of its very distant cousin; truth. As a constant work in progress, I can’t help but acknowledge that I am a part of a fascinating experience where the obvious isn’t always what it seems, where reality and duality take on dual meanings best reserved for those whose eyes are as wide open as their hearts, minds and souls. This vessel that we call Earth is as intricate as we are as human beings, and as it carries us as hosts with its awe-inspiring wonder, we think we know almost everything there is to know about the world in which we live, but we don’t. The real question is, have we even scratched the surface yet? We can’t possible know the ins and outs of Earth, our home, without first knowing ourselves best and then trying to understand our role in the universe.

The Earth is a vast astronomical beauty; a breathtaking celestial body of immense importance and it is being apart of this collective that I consider one of the most unique experiences that most of us will ever have in this lifetime. Everything I have done leading up to every new day has felt like an experience, a training ground in some respects, yet I know that through certain choices I’ve made in the past, I have deprived myself and so many others of mutually beneficial, positive experiences because I didn’t give credence to the idea that we are all connected some way, some how and everything we do carries with it significant meaning; the good, the bad and the ugly.

I remember being chosen to take part in the Space Program in the 8th grade. I was a year younger than everyone else and as nervous as a butterfly fluttering about; my stomach was in a ball of knots leading up to “take off”, but when it came time for us to be sequestered in our man-made space craft that covered almost the length of the school gymnasium’s stage, I suddenly felt at ease. I knew what my mission entailed and the experiments that we were to carry out, and with it, my goal was set. I had an agenda to carry out along with the other crew members, and we all knew well our purpose. That experience should have been a life changing one for me, but because I did not understand the importance of opportunities like that and others that were placed in front of me, I didn’t appreciate the experience then as much as I do when I look back now. That same year I was chosen among a select few students to learn Ham Radio, something I only now appreciate learning as an adult.

We all make difficult choices throughout our lives, not always on the basis of clear thinking, but still knowing and understanding through natural instinct that everything we do carries with it consequences both great and small. Daily, we lend our voice and passion to a continuation and progression of a subject matter; life and the continuation of it,  which is representative of every human being walking the earth today, covering all of society in one fell swoop. My heart had never stopped searching for a purpose, a meaning, a quest, and for the longest time I didn’t know or understand, or perhaps I wasn’t ready to know and subconsciously understand that I could not handle the truth once upon a time. The majority of human beings are stuck on that very same wheel going round and round with no fulfilling end in sight, but that is only temporary. We all become ready in our own time.

I have come to a point in my life where I understand, at a very basic level, that every one of us affects the other in absolutely everything we do, everything we think and most importantly, that which we recognize as feelings and emotions vibrate all around us like an energy field, and those vibrations we uniquely refer to as vibes are realer than anything we have ever seen with the naked eye or felt with the gentlest of touch. Even self-destructive tendencies and behaviors bleed into a  great basin, the main chasm that affects countless people and things all around us. Our energy affects others just as their energies affect us. This is because each action carries with it a reaction and our energy is so powerful, we have a truly difficult time ever mastering it, if ever at all. I don’t wish to master, but simply to understand my purpose, my calling.

We must be responsible for the energy we draw from ourselves onto others, including the earth, which feels and is affected by everything we do to it, like dropping bombs. The earth relates to us and we to it because it is from there we come and go back to at our journey’s end. There is a great attempt underway to forge together or to tear apart, but to ultimately attain a level of understanding and enlightenment through spiritual uniformity while also retaining aspects of the individuality that makes us unique to ourselves even as we are one.

Waking up from an unreality that had been wholly unfulfilling and realizing that even though we’re denied vast amounts of knowledge dating back centuries to the very first man, history and truth are right in front of our eyes at every waking hour of every day, and we are not denied the right to live, breathe and pursue the truth of our past in spite of or despite it being purposely hidden in plain sight. Awakening from the deepest of slumbers is a mold-breaking, mind-blowing, toe curling occurrence because you don’t yet understand how awe inspiring this life we’ve been given truly is, but you know something incredible lurks just beneath the surface.

When a mission is not realized, the task cannot be completed. We have survived numerous previous civilizations, but our work is not yet complete.

I feel blessed in every way. For once you are awakened, there is no turning back. Willful ignorance is no longer an option, in fact, it is completely illogical to be content with living an absolute illusion. I include myself with a minority of like-minded free thinkers on their own quests to develop a greater understanding of the forces and powers that be that move us all either together or apart, i.e.  science, religion, dogma, superstition. When what we need to do literally to heal the world and make it a better, safer place for everyone is to respect each others journey and most importantly to respect each other as human beings.

Leading a horse to water does not automatically mean he’ll drink. You can plant a seed in ones mind; an idea, a mindset, but you must wait to see what blossoms and develops over time. I firmly believe that our experiences as human beings are the most unique, focused, and flexible freedom of thought and physical direction that we will ever experience in life, but not everyone gets to indulge in this priceless gift. Freedom is but a dream for some. It is our duty to make the absolute best out of life for ourselves and others, but how can that dream be realized when most don’t know what they’re here for. The need  to know is great, the desire for answers almost indescribable, but the thing I always keep in mind is that no matter what happens here on this Earth, God is greater than all of it.



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