There’s no such thing as the perfect woman

She is beautiful, smart, charismatic, ambitious, spontaneous and sexy in every imagined way. She is everything you have wanted in a woman which for a time was perplexing because progress was slow, if any. She says she is simple, you say she is the least simple woman you have ever known. She is complicated and unique which is much more interesting in your humble opinion shown.  It’s also maddening because at times you don’t know where you stand with her exactly. The feeling brings torture at best; and not knowing where you stand with her begs you to reevaluate the way you communicate with women in general. Damn.

She is teaching training you already.

The butterflies you used to get when hearing her voice have turned to stomach knots instead because your words somehow became lost in translation. Null and void. Wondering where things went wrong and how to fix them is your only focus. But you feel hopeless because the notion of righting wrongs makes you feel love sick.

You can be her friend, her lover, stability and security; her comfort, her listener, her support and stress release; the large, soft stuffed pillow where her head can be found resting. When she’s feeling naughty you can be her bad boi and do good things. And so much more – but she is either not looking for those things or cannot see you being the one to fulfill those needs. You can deal with that but you’d rather not.

You want this woman, no matter what.

So you ask yourself when you’re feeling bitter, questions better left asked on twitter.

Why are women so full of if when contemplating a new relationship. Why is it so hard to not only be clear but most importantly be truthful about what they want out of it? Instead they wonder why they are often single, lonely, and unhappy with their broken love lives. Opting to be alone rather than give love its due; they say finding lasting love takes a lot more time. Are they depriving not only themselves but someone else of the opportunity for love, for to find a potential soul-mate can be wondrous.

Yet they wonder why their hands, particularly their fingers are the only things keeping them company at night, in bed between lips where everything feels alright, they are convinced. It is because they are afraid of receiving exactly what they are seeking. It is because to accept love opens unknown doors and invites in vulnerability.

These strong, brave but lonely souls are afraid to get hurt but what they already know is they’ve been on both sides of the ball, either end of the spectrum. They’ve had more than their share of pain – giving and getting. They need to reflect some more and ask themselves what they are afraid of. The implication that they are the hapless victims of love gone wrong couldn’t be any more false. Those slew of failed relationships add credence to the fact that love takes time and there are mini many tests to pass to ready our hearts for action – packed.

Be honest with yourself and you will get answers to questions asked. For to expect honesty from others without expecting it from one self, breeds an air of self-contempt whether acknowledged or not; it is all heartfelt.

Be unafraid to put those cracked hearts on the line. To take another chance at deciphering the true reason behind the rhyming. Protect your heart but don’t deprive it when love ensues. Check your baggage on the shelf and odds are a potential lover will check theirs too.



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