There Are Always Haters

We were on a long walk in the park

in late August

The lake water shimmered against the sun’s gaze

fall was upon us

And I stopped to lean against a tree

It was the farthest one I could find

You leaned against me and a passerby said something like,

“It won’t last ladies” as if there was something we were hiding

When it was their own love that was washed away with the tide

Long ago along the way when running laps through hearts lapsed

But we enjoy the playful breeze and embrace in practice

And pretend not to listen as thoughts run through our heads

And we enjoy the disguise of being one with one another instead

Tip-toes arch, arms out stretch as I press my body upon her

We gaze deeply while set ablaze letting our desires run asunder

Full of life as we touch every sense is ignited

Ignoring glares and stares of lives left unenlivened

Having never experienced the passion incited

With flailing hearts set to stone

Engulfed within the bodies of ice cold people

In spite of

This love we find ourselves dabbling in

By those same critics

Recusing when love reaches in

Yet somehow our feelings are mental holograms

Situated in a place they can’t conceive of when

They know love can’t be cloned so they remain discontented

Like people trapped inside of aliens

When aliases break down – they condense

But we are signed, sealed and delivered – for love is like that

It is senseless when it triggers

With every kiss that we extract

The most intense feeling that ever existed

Outside of pain anyway

Which most of them are inflicted with

I think as I press my lips to hers once again

And listen to the thoughts fluttering in

Silently uttering something reminiscent of

“Poor them…”




3 Responses to “There Are Always Haters”
  1. hersandhers says:

    Love it!

  2. chaneltimmons says:

    mmm…deep. I like this.

  3. sunnydelyte21 says:


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