To The One Riding Shotgun

What describes this super intense
Longing, aching, rumbling feeling
Can’t quite concentrate on anything without any meaning
Except on how to keep our boat from reeling
And how your body is the fruit that I see myself peeling
How my spirit is searing
With the passion of an electrified charge
How your protons push my buttons
Particles strum chords across my heart, and
it understates the understanding
Of this intense physical need
And how you produce within me
Such a power that I concede
So strong is my desire
For you – it bleeds
And hinges on everything
That I can’t fully conceive
Of the thought that possibly we might not be
Made to love each other
To kiss, to hold and to tease
To bring about a feeling
Of longing and ecstasy
Your mind and your body – both ready for the taking
To descend upon what’s mine
I’m pulling out all stops in sync
I’m gonna love you exclusively
Pulling us closer to the brink
Your heart and mine – they both drum beat
In unison with a sense of the most sensual healing
That this lingering feeling keeps on constantly bringing
With it no doubt that our connection supersedes
Anyone that was previously
Considered to be
Meant for you and me
I’m riding shotgun from now on
They can take a backseat




3 Responses to “To The One Riding Shotgun”
  1. sunnydelyte21 says:


  2. Cannes Properties Rentals says:

    Your mind and your body – both ready for the taking

  3. hotmama says:

    I got this. Thank you.

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