Missing The Touch



Missing the touch

That sent me over the edge

Before the parting of ways

Came full speed ahead

This loss and distance resounds in echoes of sleepless

Nights spent

Wallowing in tears of long gones and regret

This lover knows no better

Than to believe she was the best

No one else could drape me in their golden hazes

Moments of clarity that hardly change the past

How we minded each others hearts

While dancing intoxicating movements

How your heart still resides well within my breast

How you remain this: the better half of my better half

How you were never merely just a guest

Set to rearranging my prolonged self reflects

A task you took to heart with stealth

How still it felt when you entered my life

My calm in the midst of whirled winds felt right

Those volumes of life we clasped onto dearly

Creating our story on pages fading as fast as spirits searing

Once doubting the audacity of what forever meant

’till these crimson tears formed pools of effervescence

Scarce was the manner in which our time together grew

Slowly coating the agony in her absence

The only love I grew accustomed to

The scent of my woman stays encased in absinthe brew

The sun shines a little more with each day passing

The moon is full bright reviving nights better spent tasking

And not thinking or becoming accustomed to lonesome content

So a broken heart – can sew itself back together and mend

Too many emotions unburied and unspent

Caused hand trembling and unhurried thoughts to be more distant

Almost made me lose sight of her figment

Oh how I wish the constant longing didn’t present itself as

Bags under eyes and sleepless nights impacted

How broken sleep does oft come twice, in fact

Days filled with passion rearing ugly thoughts heads

Yet all I can think of is zombie filled graves

And how your ashes save face and how those gray areas never shade

And our love never wanted an out, an escape

Just forever through whatever – we were on our soul mate kick

Every time sleep breaks I’m reminded of this

The fate we tempt each time life sneaks up quick

The strength we expend dismisses any negativity flowing

The way we reveal our love because love is all knowing

Negativity and distrust – how quickly they dissipate

And how me loving you will never eventually fade



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