This is not your average post

I am not looking for my first time, as that happened years ago.
The Tremont Hotel Chicago was situated in an enclave, surrounded by the city view just off of the Magnificent Mile.
It was the second time she had come to visit and I was not looking for a good time.
I was a lover seeking love.
Little did I know I was well on my way from the times when ignorance was predominantly bliss, and I did not even know how good it really felt… yet.
I didn’t appreciate the soothing effects it afforded me time and again.
Until it became too late for realizations because real life was fervently driving the stake in.
Reality started taking shape and the permanence I once held in hindsight; yeah well, institutions began to unravel and power structures were knocked down flights.
Like I had been struck upside the head by a knowledge base, formerly unknown but now coming with thunderous headway.
And in retrospect, I was pummeled so long I could no longer deflect the flurry of blows sent in my direction.
I was so mentally wounded at my ignorance that it fell silent at last.
There it toppled, like old baggage; right out of a cramped hiding place; finally exposing myself in the end process.
Where mental exhaustion is given and taken in excess.
I am not looking for my second or third, or even a short or a long time running.
Conversations on balcony’s while we drink red wine but not Shiraz, honey.
“Anything but that sorry excuse,” or else she declines bluntly.
We watch the sunrise.
My mind screams while blowing mantras at the sky, illuminating the brightest spots with every twinkle in your eye.
If we were soul mates I would write you a poem a day, each one better then the last; in its draft state.
Laying love at your fingertips as I bend and lower my head, and place kisses instead of rings.
Then I am on my knees as if to pray; but laying love at the tiny feet that wear a size 4 and a half or 5 in men, or a pair of the most delicately balanced high-heels with those colorful bottoms – you know the ones; is red okay?
That’s right, baby, I know…
I’m looking at a pair of the most intently searching eyes.
Where essence shows.
Piercing through a gaze that ain’t got nothing on the window to my mind, or how your heart beats to an electromagnetic tune in step with mine.
I understand that with you we can make love and dance and never get up from the chair we recline in.
Mind power is set to self-affirming.
How we stand out; both strange and brazen, and how getting to know you better does not mostly involve a web cam.
We are bringing something stronger than a virtual reality can ever promise.
A zest for life.
As an out of towner to your city of love, I am riding shot gun in the first train car that rolls up.
I hope we at least aim directly at your aura and crash land preferably where the sun won’t come up… anytime soon.
I have been waiting and I apologize for my patience.
Should have found another way, perhaps hitch-hiked through your universal nature.
Perhaps feasted off of your universal plate as your silkiness against my rough satin make.
Where there you school me in the ways of your passion.
And I, a wanton wanderer, seek to be found by you.
Calming my heart as it shudders from hunger because it needs to be refueled.
And how the emptiness from the distant past left a void that has finally lifted.
Never one to recant or regret too much.
The dread that is dredged up knows there is no escaping when one runs.
From the purposeful dismantling of all our hearts questions – finally answered.
How this soul – That Moves Me – Has already modified stances.
For the heart always repays whatever debts have gone unanswered.
And true love wherever derived always allot us second chances.




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