The Panic Attack

Panic attack
Disdain when it acts
Imposing its will
Despair re-enacts
It sucks
The life
Right on out of me
In fact: my Spirit saps
My teeth chatter
My nerves rattle
My heart beats faster
Self what’s the matter
I ask I plead
I eventually concede
My brain suffice to say
Begs for release
Won’t shut off my fight or flight
Unsteady hands tremble
No end in sight
I am full of life
But this here ain’t living
It’s something else altogether
The gift that keeps on giving
Till it’s had its fill of little old me
Till I can no longer control
The breath that leaves
Rinse and release
In and out I heave
The air flows through me erratically
Too late to not worry
Too soon to appease
The inevitable draws near
Too late for pleas
Excavating the excess
Brain matter exceeds
Anxiety sans plausibility
So to speak
Requires a great deal of energy
Coursing through my body
In uncontrollable symmetry
Everything appears cloudy
Daymares fill my vision
No safety net extending
Nightmares dig their heels in
Interrupting my normal
Thoughts processing
When panic sets in
– there is no stopping me
When panic sets in
– the tightness surrounding me
The sweating and trembling
Every molecule on the ready
No need for anything
Pounding heart beats coming steady
Are those chest pains that I’m feeling
Should my brain be oh so willing
To shut off my means
Of communicating
Pent up feelings
When all that truly ails me
Is a need
…to breathe
To distort present reality
And ward off the panic
…attacking me




3 Responses to “The Panic Attack”
  1. Nicola Quinn says:

    I want to say what a beautiful poem though no one should ever have to feel like this. You've got the black hole spot on, that life and breath sucking monster in all its horrible glory. And the answer, the relief, a breath. Bravo.


  2. Lisa Byrne says:

    wow great poem really glad i stubbled across it. thank you 🙂

    "Panic attack
    Disdain when it acts"

    Yes no room in my life.

    I have a video that may help other sufferers with panic attacks Here It gives me inspiration so I have included it on my blog.

    Thanks again.
    Lisa x

  3. samer says:

    Thank you for this. Every day 24/7 I have an indescribable sense of overwhelming fear that comes from inside me. It's scary because I fear the fear. It prevents me from living my life. It's like a fearful soul if you will. Having a panic attack changed my life. Now I am so inward and always focus on myself and thoughts. ..too inward. Thanks for thi

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