What Purpose Love Serves

The language that follows the path of most resistance
whether it’s the marrying type
or the look who’s coming to dinner tonight
It is not all hype
Up on the coffee table we have christened,
which found no weary mug needing rest, no
I don’t drink coffee,
only the warm soft skin of the woman
I’ve laid upon and upended
Onto the tile floor
Where she spills herself all over,
and drinks her coffee black.

There are fake Roman numerals boasting
Across books and journals
Numerous real world works roasting
blank thoughts by the fire place
Where we watch Roots and wade in temporary memories
Of neck chains and bling-blings,
Of misery’s broken feet and hobbled legs,
of cobbled stones down by the lake
Where fantasies of broken promises are made
beneath cracked tiles where tortured babies in anguish lay
How that hot civilization of beaded black bodies
…was summoned
for greater days

In slithery detail
To prevent a Saul-like episode
From being curtailed along the roadside
While Gentile women and Jewish men
Lay prone bedside
Where one drop rules are thrown
Out of the window
Where honed are skills of last resort
Shone and learned but not so simple
As never remembering the blue sky that day
Where the sunlight melted onto slave backs that swayed,
not forth or back but up and down
No spirituals unsung or whip marks fazed out

I am floating over my ancestors
Half the soul – I once was
where women were covered head to toe
By strong black family men,
bearing scars proud and bold
in bright angry lashes they came
Till boiled over, where brown and black skin shaped
Smooth and beautiful, when brown and black skin fades
And a room full of white sin forbades,
The skin bearing the darkest of nights shade
Where light changes frequency and energy never depletes
It becomes the sun and its mood swings

Satin gossamer shapes form reflections of light
as butterfly wings light up the sky
Like with love it seems
It is not all backwards
How spirals spiral in control
Not out of notebooks or thin margins
Marching plainly in numbered twos
Bic Atlantis and Sharpie Accents
Fine points precisely following rules
Blank pages against white backgrounds
Black washed by highlighted queues
Showing that love always serves a purpose
Reaching a point to the highest altitude



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