I’m Just Me

I’m a sensitive soul, but I often wonder if I am compassionate enough. I’m a complicated person, and my edges are a little rough. I believe that you should do unto others as you would have them do unto you. As with friendship and loyalty I’ve been an equal partner through and through. Within my family confounds all around can be found the basic principal of love; be it verb or noun. God comes first, the other person second, and when I’m down I pick myself up and get to stepping. I am third.

I think and see like an artist, so most people can appear to be contorted and distorted. But life is no straight line or in black and white so I tend to measure its angles without sorting. Not only the lines but also the depth, height and width bending and blending the lines with my imagination and wit. Not to mention my will power as I deviate outside the norm on any given weekday or weekend. I’m usually bored with what everyone else is just getting comfortable with. I learn from reading (and take great pleasure in first editions), observing and witnessing, and discussing with others their opinions.

The range of ideas learned and shared regarding the world at large is endless. Even when I disagree – I try to temper my passion to clear any contention. My idea of learning would be sitting down with a group of 70 to 100 year old men and women and discussing life, philosophy, and how their experiences have shaped their ideas about the end. Not to offend any sensitive sensibilities, but I certainly wouldn’t pretend. I am curious as heck about hell and heaven.

I just want to know how it feels to have lived to see. Such a long life, impacted by mixed realities. Do they feel the same way now that they felt when they were a teen? Of course not but I think you catch the drift of my meaning.

I believe in a society where opportunities abound for everyone and are as limitless as our imaginations. That’s called wishful thinking. Whatever the calculater reads, I believe in a higher sum. It’s the calculator, not my thought process that needs any tweaking.

I am unconventional; a semi-vocal minority, secretly bending rules in search of the master ruler. Deciphering right and wrong – and good and bad from the ugly while using it all as a litmus test.

I carry a measure of discernment that I seek in others, but don’t often find in turn. Or in vast quantities. But still I seek humbly. And walk with faith while craving knowledge, so to speak. I am a constant work in patience and practice, progressively.

Although my passion is tempered by realism, my sympathy remains firm. I don’t believe the hype. So don’t test me. I’m not the standardized type.

My favorite print is hand written and I, for the most part, am hand-drawn and not easily smitten. Those lines you see outside of the box only mean the circles are secretly hidden. They’re always there as I carefully draw them in. And outside even, whenever my thoughts take me on a whim. I’m ebbing and flowing right along with them and sharing the knowledge that I’ve been given.



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