Black Skin

Who is that beautiful body and soul
And why don’t they know
That what they must cherish is all natural
What they must learn is how to best play their role
In this great episode
How at times life’s rigors cause black blood to bleed most
Blue bloods ain’t got nothing on us truth be told
We’ve been sacrificed for ages, like the sacrificial lamb of old
Like Jesus back in the days when he dared to speak out bold
How life sneaks up on you
And death lives on the fear you give it
It is that fear that flows free
Draining life forces through Kemet
How quickly we forget it
No longer remembering the past
If you knew your true history
You wouldn’t be so easily impressed
With made up stories designed to enlighten the excess
Bribe them with excessive possessions dangling from thick necks
At every intersession of life you hip and hop
You Reflex
Then contemplate the greatness you might have otherwise sidestepped
Anything not of the light – must it be resigned to blackness?
Why your skin always bears the dark of night
No matter where the sun sets
Maybe that’s what they mean when they say
“The darkest hour is upon us” – and what comes next
When black folks pray
For centuries trying and deciphering through prayer
Their God given prowess
Now that is light at its darkest or you could even say its finest
How you are a threat to the powers that be or not to be despite it
How your history and the truth they are withholding
Is damaging to your plight, and
Your knowledge continues to rot slowly
Not to mention the fact that these powers are not all knowing
They are short sighted
Their truth relies on you believing their lies are not encroaching
Transfixed upon towering soap boxes
They politicize and deny motions
How all Earth’s children were crafted for perfection at one time
So there’s still hope set aside beside those darkened highlights
Don’t allow the Zimmerman decision to start a race war through blood shed beneath these city street lights
How quickly you have forgotten
You will be remembered for far more than picking cotton
Even your ancestors upheld certain standards when at their most woebegotten
Struggling to work toward something completely outside of them
How the prospect of freedom conceded the need to be kinder men and gentler women
Then the ones forcing them to pick cotton; only existing, not yet truly living in this prison
You were born to uphold
To be aware of the world you live in
To use discernment like a tool
This is a battle for your soul
An all out war against sinning
When are you gonna wake your people up; your bloodlines – your kin men
Stop allowing the haters to start wars from within
This is your home, your country: America is an an INDIGENOUS CONTINENT
Not enough unrest in the rest of the world or the middle eastern zone yet
‘Cause oversees they are losing the war in droves
They are losing black, white and brown lives like whoa,
Still they have not conceded
At the game of peace
Instead they pray for vengeance more ’til hope is deceased
While the enemy pays for a better piece of the pie
There is a war going on between the chosen
Yet victimization has not totally deprived
Those pawns that continue to contribute to the lie – to a life of crime
See how it has controlled their passion to live the most upright of lives
Remember that you were all God sent
Overtime somehow you began to get it twisted
Remember you are the ones they play target practice with
They taught wayward youth so well, now they target each other for breakfast
And on and on generational troubles persist,
through generations of bloodlines they have often tried
To decipher why you even exist
Too many conspiracies to contend with
Our ancestors went separate ways till they all but descended
Forgetting it takes a village
Dividing and conquering while speaking of peace
Trayvon was armed with skittles and tea while Zimmerman rocked a WMD
We are like melting computer chips
Even more easily dismissed is how the food you digest
Is sprayed with and created using co-sponsored poison
When we all fall down
From too much ringing around the roses
We are still the only ones we are waiting on
To uplift and to uphold us
So take heed brothers and sisters
What will it take for you
To stop forging your parents signatures
Furthermore to recognize the divinity found
Simply by looking into the mirror
Going all the way back to your mother’s mother’s father figure
Listen closely and you can hear
Watch their wisdom coming nearer
Respect the black in the skin you smother
And you will always see more clear
Respect the tree of life giving you wonder
Any personal feelings born of hate or fear
Save that energy on saving your self
Lest you forget your brothers and sisters
Hear, hear!




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