Some Streets in Chicago

Some streets in Chicago resemble war zones
Garbage piled up high
Reminding children they are at home
Encased in concrete building tenements
Where a strong breeze intrudes
Ruffling broken tree branches
Leaving loose leaves blowing in the wind
The children; they get no enjoyment out of it
They are anxious wondering whose gonna be next
Drive bys instilling fear in them
Afraid of the shadows poisoning memories and moments
For once, can they begin the year fresh
Can the guilty make atonement
Seeking forgiveness
For bad deeds done wrong
Against the innocense incensed at any given moment;
Because these kids represent the age of wisdom
But alone they can’t shoulder it
And we know better but do worse
Further weakening the system
Throwing them out to the wolves
So they can plainly deceive them
They learn with their eyes closed
And we do nothing to reach them
To reteach them
All they know is how to survive
On some streets in Chicago
Especially over the weekend
Where death and despair stack high; competing



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